Library Strategic Plan

January 2024 project update:

A community visioning process to determine the long-term needs of our Lake Oswego Public Library was completed in 2023.  The findings from the wide range of community input received through the visioning process, including a framework developed by the Council-appointed task force, deeply informed the development of a strategic plan for the Library for 2024-2026.  

The City Council reviewed and adopted the Library’s 2024-2026 Strategic Plan during the November 7, 2023 City Council meeting.   

Guided by the community’s vision to improve Library access for all, our top strategic priorities and goals for the Library are to:  

  • Serve People Beyond the Building:  for example, by expanding mobile Rover services, home delivery, digital access, and remote access options such as hold lockers or library vending machines
  • Create Space to Expand Services:  for example, planning to meet community needs for study and meeting rooms, improved spaces for youth in the library, and modern library services
  • Increase Awareness of the Library's Value: for example, by increasing promotion of the breadth and depth of library services and events, sharing impact stories and testimonials with the community, and enhancing library advocacy 
  • Support Staff Wellbeing and Growth:  for example, by providing learning and development opportunities, fostering an inclusive and innovative culture, and increasing diversity of staff and skills to improve customer service and access 

We look forward to sharing progress updates the community on our work toward these strategic plan goals.

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August 2023 project update:

To support the Lake Oswego City Council’s goal to determine the long-term needs of the Lake Oswego Public Library, the City launched a Library Visioning Process.

Through the data collected, community feedback, and work of the Library Visioning Task Force, a framework was created. This framework defines the community values related to the Library, the desired roles and preferred future of the Library, and outlines desired attributes of a physical space to support that vision.

The framework will help the City with decisions related to expanding and investing in Library services, programs, and amenities in alignment with the community’s vision. The City Council reviewed the findings and recommendations during the July 18, 2023 City Council meeting.

As a part of this work, the City is exploring service models for enhancing access, program offerings, and service delivery. This work includes developing a strategic plan for the Library informed by the community visioning process. We look forward to sharing progress updates during winter 2023-24. 

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May 2023 project update:

Thank you Lake Oswego for your fantastic support to shape the future of your library!

Through the visioning process from January to May we had interviews with over 100 key informants, 4 Task Force sessions, 4 focus groups, 5 community forums, 2,790 survey responses, and 184 additional comments. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Now through summer, we will be analyzing these results and presenting recommendations to City Council based on what we heard from you. Stay tuned!

The survey and idea wall are closed, but we are always open to hearing from you. Feel free to email with any ideas or questions!

Project Background / Summary: 


The Lake Oswego Public Library has embarked on a community visioning process to shape the future of the library for generations to come.

This work is in support of the Lake Oswego City Council goal to determine the long-term needs of the Lake Oswego Public Library, as well as 2021 Community Survey results in support of expanding library amenities, services, and facilities in the future.

The goals of the visioning process:

  • Create a shared community vision for the future of Lake Oswego Public Library
  • Understand residents' current and future needs for library services, facilities, and amenities
  • Determine the Library’s role to address community challenges and meet emerging needs

We seek input from everyone in the community to help ensure your library is serving your needs. 

We hope you will participate with us in what promises to be a rich, enlightening, community-building experience, one that sets a vision for serving our community for future generations.

Project Details
Project Contact: 

Melissa Kelly
Library Director
Lake Oswego Public Library
706 Fourth Street
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Phone: 503-636-7628