New Memoir Book-Footsteps: Tales from Times Past

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 7:00pm

Footsteps: Tales from Times Past

A Special Presentation & Reading

More than twenty people who attended a memoir writing class at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center during the past several years have published some of their essays. Footsteps: Tales from Times Past includes a wide variety of non-fiction accounts of their lives.

Class instructor Louise Mengelkoch knew the stories were publishable. “By the time people are sixty, seventy or eighty years old, we all have had such a wealth of experiences and, for the most part, have an interesting perspective that we didn’t have when we were younger,” she said. The stories document moments of joy, sadness, grief and wonder – trips to faraway places, illness and death, successes and failures, most with an eye to what those experiences mean to them at this stage of their lives.

Mengelkoch credits local poet, writer and retired attorney Ronald Talney with being the inspiration for the idea of the book, and the book is dedicated to him. Talney has taught memoir writing at the ACC for ten years or more. The class became so popular that there was always a waiting list, so Mengelkoch offered to teach a class too. Talney and Mengelkoch both have essays in the book.

Contributors to the memoir anthology comprise the following writers in alphabetical order: Dana Berry, Lisa de Britain, Sam Bruno, Sharyn Inzunza, Cathie Jacobs, Syd Kanitz, Rosalyn Kliot, Ronald Kushner, Diane Lund-Muzikant, Maria McCarthy, Glennis Cedarholm McNeal, Nancy Murray, Terrie Oldham, David Pangburn, Stephanie Shanley, Elayne Shapiro, Karen Stephens, Christophe Stickel, Lillian “Lily” Stone, Char Tritt, and Larry A. Tyle.