Official Policies

Intellectual Freedom
Library policies on censorship, the freedom to read, and the freedom to view, including the Library Bill of Rights.

Bulletin Board Space

Code of Conduct
About conduct in the library and on library grounds.

Conference Room
Policies regarding the use of the conference room.

Donations Policy
Concerning donations to the Library.

Facility, Petitions and Solicitations
Permitted use of facility and grounds.

Internet Policy
Using our Internet stations in the Reference and Children's departments.

Laptop Privacy Statement
Applies to laptops lent to the public by the Library.

Lobby Space

Materials Collection
Details on collection access, scope, maintenance, and citizen input.

Parking Policy

Photography and Recordings Policy

Program Policy
Regarding Library programs, classes and events.

Stairwell Gallery Policy & Procedures
Applies to the rotating art displays in the Library's Stairwell Gallery.

Unattended Children
Explains when children need to be accompanied by an adult.

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