Official Policies

Intellectual Freedom / Libertad Intelectual (Spanish) / 知识自由 (Simplified Chinese)
Library policies on censorship, the freedom to read, and the freedom to view, including the Library Bill of Rights.

Bulletin Board Space

Code of Conduct / Política del Código de Conducta (Spanish) / 行为准则政策 (Simplified Chinese)
About conduct in the library and on library grounds. Translations coming soon.

Conference Room / Política de la Sala de Conferencias (Spanish) /  会议室政策 (Simplified Chinese)
Policies regarding the use of the conference room.

Donations Policy
Concerning donations to the Library.

Facility, Petitions and Solicitations / Política de las Instalaciones, Peticiones y Solicitudes (Spanish) / 设施、请愿和征集政策 (Simplified Chinese)
Permitted use of facility and grounds.

Internet Policy
Using our Internet stations in the Reference and Children's departments.

Laptop Privacy Statement / Declaración de Privacidad de los Portátiles de la Biblioteca (Spanish) / 图书馆笔记本电脑的隐私声明 (Simplified Chinese)
Applies to laptops lent to the public by the Library.

Lobby Space

Materials Collection / Política de Colección de Materiales (Spanish) / 材料收集政策 (Simplified Chinese)
Details on collection access, scope, maintenance, and citizen input.

Parking Policy / Política del Estacionamiento (Spanish) / 停车政策  (Simplified Chinese)

Photography and Recordings Policy / Política de Fotografía y Grabaciones (Spanish) / 拍照和摄录政策 (Simplified Chinese)

Program Policy / Política del Programa de la Biblioteca (Spanish) / 图书馆项目政策 (Simplified Chinese)
Regarding Library programs, classes and events.

Stairwell Gallery Policy & Procedures / Política y Procedimientos de la Galería de las Escaleras (Spanish) / 楼梯间画廊政策和 程序 (Simplified Chinese)
Applies to the rotating art displays in the Library's Stairwell Gallery.

Unattended Children / Política de Niños No Vigilados (Spanish) / 无人看管儿童政策 (Simplified Chinese)
Explains when children need to be accompanied by an adult.

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