ONLINE: The Learning Group: Social Security Planning for Boomers

Friday, February 5, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

February's Presentation: Social Security Planning for Boomers
by Joe Alfonso, CFP®, EA

The Learning Group meets online via Zoom now, on the first Friday of each month.
from 7:00 - 8:00 pm.  

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Retirees face a host of risks that threaten their ability to support their chosen lifestyle.  These include longevity risk, market risk and loss of purchasing power due to inflation.  In addition, yields have fallen  to historic lows, increasing the cost in today’s dollars of generating a lifetime stream of retirement income.  In the face of these challenges, there are few hedges available to retirees as effective as Social Security. It is therefore more important than ever for retirees to maximize this benefit by making good claiming decisions.

About Joe:
Joe Alfonso, CFP®, EA, is founder of Aegis Financial Advisory,  a Fee-Only solo financial planning firm in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Joe works with pre-retiree couples to help them successfully transition to a life in retirement secure in the knowledge that they will always be able to afford their chosen lifestyle.
Joe views Social Security as a unique source of retirement income that can help hedge against many of the risks retirees face over their retirement lifetime.  Joe therefore makes Social Security claiming strategy a key element of his work with clients. 


About The Learning Group:
The Learning Group offers speakers on a variety of topics of interest, designed to enrich and stimulate the mind. Speakers are scheduled by group host, Librarian Todd Feinman.
The Learning Group is based on the Learning & Technology Group hosted by Art Henderson and Mark Matson for many years at the LO Adult Community Center.