ONLINE: The Learning Group: Woodpeckers!

Friday, October 2, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Knock Knock, Who’s There?  Woodpeckers!

Join us via Webex for a presentation from Marilyn Ellis, Oregon Master Naturalist and Certified Interpretive Guide!

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These industrious birds are busy, busy, busy all time.  Their Jackhammer-like drilling can reverberate through a forest and carry on for miles.  The myriad of holes and cavities they leave behind are fun to discover and amazing to behold.  Who are these magnificent, red capped characters?  In this presentation, filled with beautiful images and videos, we will explore the amazing and complicated lives of these forest “keepers and engineers”.

  • What makes their unique biology so important to us?
  • What is all that drilling for?
  • What does the inside of a woodpecker nest cavity look like?
  • What is their unique relationship with hummingbirds?
  • And so much more!

MARILYN ELLIS: Oregon Master Naturalist and Certified Interpretive Guide:

Marilyn Ellis is an Oregon Master Naturalist and Certified Interpretive Guide with over 25 years of experience in Wildlife Education and Wildlife Rehabilitation.  If its wild and it lives in either Oregon or California, chances are she has nursed it, raised it, trained it or released it back into the wild.  But her passion and specialty is birds and she loves to share her knowledge and love for these “celestial beings” that visit our backyards or fly above us every day.  Marilyn has has a lot of stories to tell about her own personal journey into the avian world.  Her fun, interactive and hugely informative presentations and workshops also contain beautiful images, videos and artifacts.Marilyn currently volunteers as a Wildlife Solutions Counselor and Wildlife Hospital Assistant for Audubon Portland and as a Naturalist/Educator for Tryon Creek State Park.  She has been a guest Instructor for Oregon State University Extension Tree School since 2016. Marilyn lives in Tualatin with her 7 noisy parrots and 2 very spoiled canines.