Online: The Power of Publishing a Business Book

Friday, September 3, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Bruce Shutan will present:  The Power of Publishing a Business Book

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Bruce Shutan is a veteran journalist and ghostwriter who has worked with about 110 publications or corporate clients. He will explore the power of publishing a business book, which manifests itself in many ways. For starters, it establishes instant street credibility, and with the right publisher and marketing effort, cements the author’s reputation as an authority figure, burnishes one’s brand and serves as the ultimate lead-generation tool that mines a new revenue source and helps grow business.



His focus will be on five key areas:

1.  Preparation. A book project checklist featuring nearly a dozen questions will be necessary to consider before any project is underway.
2.  Establishing street “cred” and authority. The century-old aphorism “publish or perish” helps thought leaders, entrepreneurs or business people elevate their brand or standing.
3.  Creating Opportunities. Published material can lead to speaking engagements, guest spots on podcasts, book signings, a larger presence on social media and more meaningful discussions with prospective clients.
4.  Best Practices. Publishing material is no easy task. A lack of time or writing expertise are two compelling reasons to hire a ghostwriter to do the heavy lifting by organizing and telling a compelling narrative. Budgeting in that expense may be worth its weight in gold.
5.  Growth. Publishing a book will not only help mine a new revenue stream, but also grow business. But there are considerable differences between royalties from traditional publishing houses and self-published work.


The Learning Group is based on the Learning & Technology Group hosted by Art Henderson and Mark Matson for many years at the LO Adult Community Center.