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Story Excerpts

Laura Adler discusses business and growth in Lake Oswego

Minnie Jean Aline remembers her childhood in Lake Oswego

Bill Baily laughs at his famous name and describes life as a painter

John Baines describes the origin of the Lake Oswego Collector Car & Classic Boat Show

Ronni Bennett recounts the start of her extraordinary career

George Benson shares his many rewarding volunteer experiences in Lake Oswego since his retirement

Connie Bieberach and Mariano de Orbegoso talk music and celebrities

Patrick Bloedorn discusses Oregon Portland Cement and its environmental impacts on Lake Oswego

Richard and Trudi Bloom share the history of the building that houses their business and its intuitive appeal

Larry Bowman talks teaching and his philosophy of change

Adrianne Brockman shares Lake Oswego Hunt Club history and changes

Linda Brown shares the fun of working on The Dictionary Project and the satisfaction of working in early childhood education

Mark Browne discusses what in Lake Oswego history interests him

Mike Buck describes his philosophy of city planning and the development of Lake Grove

Rosemary Chaffey recalls the Flood of 1964

Ray Chapman discusses progress in female sports

Cathy Chisholm describes her childhood explorations in the canal

Craig Chisholm recounts some of his childhood activities in Lake Grove

Dale Cleland shares his pride in developing the Lake Oswego schools music programs

James Cook chronicles life on the family farm

Ann Culter tells how her family came to Lake Oswego and reminisces about her childhood

Ken Dale paints a picture of Lake Oswego in the late 1940s-1950s

Peter Jurney talks about the changes he has witnessed in Lake Oswego

Roger Long reminisces about his gallery

Brian Monihan discusses the importance of community and community newspapers

Carole Ockert shares how she learned to be an effective neighborhood advocate

Willie Poinsette talks about racism in Lake Oswego and her work to interrupt it

Barb Randall recounts her history with The Review and some of the highlights of her career

Dr. Cecelia Ranger details her struggles creating Mary's Woods

Cindy Reed remembers picking beans and berries as a child in Lake Oswego

Chuck Ryan describes how he and his wife Lisa came to operate a coffee shop in Lake Oswego

Dorothy Stafford and Bill Baars reminisce about life in Lake Oswego

Moya Stephens relates the history of the shop Lady Di's and one of the significant events it experienced

Ron Talney tells how he began his popular memoir writing class at the Adult Community Center

Lt Doug Treat talks about what inspired him to become a police officer

Bonnie Trumbull shares her family's story of internment during World War II

John Turchi tells about his experience with the traveling group the Olympiers

Steve Turner relates his feelings about the 1980s library expansion

Karin Sundeleaf Wright remembers what it was like growing up on the Lake