Performing Arts: Indalo Wind

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Indalo Wind is a father-son duo that specializes in eclectic instrumental music, both original and traditional. They offer up a fresh acoustic blend of folk, blues, classical, and jazz, with a dash of poetry and melodic seasonings from around the world.


JACOB WALTER was born in Denver, Colorado in 1999. He has been playing ukulele since the age of eight. He also plays guitar (flamenco, classical, and electric) and Native American flute. In addition to his broad musical interests, he enjoys pottery, theatre, and creative writing. He also enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, spelunking, and distance running. Jacob is a freshman at Tigard High School.


ERIC WALTER is a poet, performer, and musician whose interests span diverse artistic worlds. He received a BA in Theater from Reed College in 1983 and worked for many years as an actor and director in Oregon, North Carolina and Colorado. He began writing poetry in 1992 and since then has authored six books. He has worked in numerous bands and performance ensembles. Now in his 52nd year, he considers Indalo Wind to be one of his finest creative endeavors yet.