Project Updates

  • Automated Materials Handling Machine is up and running. Join us on Saturday, November 18, 10am-12pm for a backroom tour of all of our remodel improvments.


  • Self checkout machines are now activated. Check out materials on your own or at the checkout desk. Whichever best suits your needs.


  • Self checkout machines have been delivered. Will be plugged in and configured on Wednesday 8/2.
  • Second floor shifting due to changes in Local History and Archival collections in progress. Completion expected by October.
  • Teen area in process of expansion.
  • Carpeting in lobby area has been installed.
  • Lighting on first floor entryway has been adjusted.
  • Quiet reading space is being created in southeast corner of main floor.


  • Newspapers have moved to magazine area.
  • Entry area around Adult Services desk is being evaluated.
  • Carpeting will be extended to the just beyond the Fiction Desk this summer.
  • New lights will be modified this summer.
  • Self checkout machines are slated for installation in early August.
  • Automated Materials Handling System is slated to start in early September.
  • RFID tagging of print and media materials is complete as of 4/21 with the exception of checked-out items. Thank you for your patience!
  • Circulation department has moved to the back room now that construction is completed.


Old Updates

  • -Materials tagging in progress all floors. You will see staff and volunteers tagging books from carts (watch for extension cords.)
  • Final cleanup of new workroom in progress and prep for moving back in.
  • Fiction desk in service.
  • Holds pick-up shelving installed.
  • Circulation desk in service.
  • RFID Media tagging has started as of April 3. Media includes, DVDs, music CDs and CD Audiobooks. Tags will be applied to media in the conference room. Therefore, the conference room will be unavailable during the month of April.
  • Public Service Desks are being installed.
  • Workroom construction nearing completion.
  • Lobby lights are installed.
  • The temporary wall has been removed.
  • Lobby and foyer carpet will be installed early next week.
  • Cabinetry, ceiling, plumbing are being installed in the back room.
  • Conference room has received a coat of white paint.
  • Lobby has received a fresh coat of white paint.
  • Electrical, framing & wallboard are completed in the back room.
  • Floors have been poured and are dry. Carpet will be added at a later date. Construction of the back room is in progress; we are currently framing new walls and windows.
  • The 3 bookdrops attached to the building are closed.  During open hours, materials can be returned to the bin next the checkout desk.  All-hours, materials can be returned to the parking lot bookdrop or to another bookdrop around town.  Bookdrops are located at City Hall, .Luscher Farm, Yakima Building, Mountain Park and West Waluga Park.​.
  •  The temporary Check Out/Circulation Desk is located where the Newspaper table used to be.
  •  Pick up your own holds and take them to the Check Out desk for check out. Your holds are located on the bookshelves where the Fiction collection used to start. This is a temporary location. By May, they will be permanently kept in a new location - to be revealed at a later date! 
  • Your holds slips have changed! They now show the first four letters of your last name along with the last four numbers of your patron barcode.  For example: SMIT 0000
  • The Fiction Desk has moved temporarily. This is to provide more room for traffic flow from the check out desk to the holds pick up area.
  •  Magazines are now located where the back issues are housed. Ask the librarian at the Adult Services desk or other staff member to show you where.
  •  The current issues magazine area is now blocked off to the public. This will be the temporary location for the Circulation department to check in books, sort books, add books to carts for shelving, and all other manner of Circulation work. This is the Circulation department's home away from home while the back room is being demolished and rebuilt.
  •  We love your donations! Please take them directory to the Friends of the Library Booktique until our renovations are completed.


Project Summary


This winter, Lake Oswego Library will be undergoing a renovation of the checkout area and staff workroom and implementing RFID technology in order to improve library services to the community.  These changes will also improve working conditions for staff.    

Since our building was constructed in 1983, the volume of materials checked out by Lake Oswego residents has increased four-fold, from approximately 250,000 items to over 1 million items per year.  Library staff are very proud of our community’s use of the library, but this has led to long lines at the checkout desk and time-consuming increases in materials handling tasks to check-in, sort, and shelve all of those materials.  This project is intended to better serve our community by providing members with time-saving self-service options, while also helping staff to manage the intense workload so they can return items to the shelves more quickly and be more available to interact with our members. 

New, state-of-the-art self-checkout kiosks on all 3 floors will allow you to avoid the checkout line and utilize RFID technology to efficiently and securely checkout in a matter of seconds.  

Self-service holds pickup will allow you to grab your holds without waiting in line.  

The implementation of RFID technology in the staff workroom, including an automated materials handling (AMH) system, means that we will have more staff available to help you checkout.  In addition to our traditional service desk with friendly, helpful staff, we will have library assistants available to help you find your holds in the self-service holds pickup area and to help you use self-checkout kiosks.  

The addition of an automated materials handler means fewer ergonomic injuries for staff and will allow staff to return materials to the shelves much faster so you can have even more access to new and popular items.  You will also be able to print a "checkin" receipt when you return materials through the automatic return slots.  

The renovation will take approximately 3 months and is anticipated for December-March.  The library will remain open as much as possible, with only one week of closure projected.  We will inform the community as soon as we know set dates.  

Library staff will setup a temporary service desk and holds pickup area on the main floor to help you checkout materials during the construction period.

Staff will also cordon off an area of the main floor to stage check-in and sorting tasks during construction.  

The drive-up book drop in the parking lot will remain open for 24/7 returns.

Some library collections will be temporarily relocated during this time, so please do not hesitate to ask a librarian if you need help finding something.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we undertake this project! 



Q:  How are we paying for this?
A:  Each LINCC library received $1 million for capital improvements from Clackamas County as part of library district formation and we are using our million for this project.

Q:  When is the construction taking place?  Will you be closed?
A:  Construction is currently anticipated for December 2016-May 2017.  The library will remain open as much as possible during construction and we will do our best to minimize the impact to our users.  Only one week of closure is projected:January 16-22, 2017.

Q.  What is RFID?
A:  RFID stands for radio frequency identification.  RFID tags will be added to each library item.  RFID allows a stack of materials to be checked out by radio frequency IDs as opposed to scanning individual barcodes, leading to a much faster checkout experience and improved materials security.  RFID also allows for automated check-in processes.

Q:  When will the new RFID technology be implemented? 
A:  The goal for all libraries in Clackamas County is June 2017, but we are hoping to be able to install our new RFID equipment sooner as part of our remodel.

Q Will staff lose their jobs to automation?
A:  Staff will not be laid off by this change.  In fact, automation will improve staff working conditions and give us more ability to provide direct service to our members instead of checking books in and out at a relentless pace!

Q:  What if I don’t want to use the self-checkout kiosks? 
A:  We will continue to have friendly, attentive staff at the circulation desk to help you checkout materials and manage your library account.  However, the self-checkout kiosks give you another option if you prefer self-service or prefer to not wait in line for staff assistance.  Library staff will also be available to help you use the new self-check kiosks. 

Q:  How will my privacy be protected when holds are moved out of the back room for self-service pickup?
A:  We will code your hold slips to include only the first 4 letters of your last name along with the last 4 digits of your library barcode.  Staff will also be available to help you find your holds if needed.

Q:  How will you make sure that someone else doesn’t take my holds?
A:  Holds are linked to the individual library account that requested them, so if someone else tried to checkout your hold the system would alert them and not allow the checkout.  If they attempted to exit the building with your hold, the security alarm would be triggered.