Got something to say about LOPL? Let us know! Here are some things we've heard from our patrons, program attendees and visitors:

“Staff is helpful, very well informed, and so patient and friendly.”

“My family loved being a part of the 1,000BBK [Books Before Kindergarten] program.  It was a great way for me to help motivate my kids to read and to love reading. It was fun for them to keep track and be proud of their progress. 1,000BBK has helped them to read more books than they were used to and it helped them be able to improve their reading skills as well as comprehension skills. Now they enjoy reading and listening to longer and higher levels of reading.” 

“The LO Library has always been incredibly close to my heart, from checking out chapter books with my first ever library card and playing with the doll house downstairs to serving on the LO Reads Steering Committee in high school. Virtual trivia helped me feel connected at a time when I was lost… Thank you, thank you, thank you”

“… thanks of the highest order are due to the LOPL staff for managing to keep the community in books this year. The creativity involved in figuring out how to handle reserves and safe book pick-up has helped so much.”

“It’s a great library, with great resources and a helpful staff. I am pleased with the many drop boxes around town as well as the higher-tech sign out and return systems. Great internetwork of other libraries too. Clean and neat inside.”

"Your team at the library are so kind and caring: you feel more like a family when I am there for which I am so appreciative."

"I love the range of books, but more, I am drawn to the warm, beneficent energy of the place, like a moth to light. It is comforting and an oasis in a chaotic world."