Local Street Reconstruction Program

Using Local Improvement Districts to help fund local street improvements

The City continues to work toward its goal of improving the condition of local streets. As a tool to reach that goal, Lake Oswego City Council adopted Resolution 17-55, establishing a Local Street Reconstruction Program. Residents living along streets that have been identified as being in “Poor” or “Very Poor” condition are now eligible to request the City consider creating a Local Improvement District to fund the reconstruction of local roads.

Because of funding limitations, the City’s priority for street preservation and rehabilitation is on arterial and collector streets which serve larger percentages of residents and receive more traffic. As a way to improve local neighborhood streets, the City encourages residents to take advantage of Local Improvement District financing through the City’s Local Street Reconstruction Program.

Through the Local Street Reconstruction Program, benefiting property owners pay for one-half the cost of construction while the City picks up all other costs for design, construction administration, inspection, and fifty percent of the construction cost. The City would finance the project upfront. Repayment from benefiting property owners would be over time through a special assessment, taking advantage of the City’s borrowing power.

To be eligible a street:

  • Must be classified as a local street (no alleys, private roads, collectors, or arterials).
  • Must have a current PCI of 50 or less and be determined by the LID engineer to require full reconstruction (as opposed to overlay).


  • Any owner of residential property abutting a local (i.e., not an arterial or collector) public street may request that a Local Improvement District be formed.
  • For a property to be included in the LID, it must receive some benefit from the project. For example, the benefits of a street improvement project generally accrue to just those properties abutting the street.
  • The LID process will move forward unless 50 percent or more of the property owners benefiting from the improvement opt out.

For more information on the Local Street Reconstruction Program, please see the Q&A and other attachments or contact Stefan Broadus, Assistant City Engineer, at 503-635-0270.

To request that we explore the Local Street Reconstruction Program for your street, simply fill out and submit the attached Request Form.

Contact Information

Stefan Broadus, Assistant City Engineer

Phone: 503-635-0270

City Hall, Second Floor
380 A Avenue, Lake Oswego

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