The Windward Development

The Windward mixed-use development, often referred to as the Wizer Block, is now complete.

This private development will provide a mix of uses in three separate buildings including 200 residential units, and 43,000 square feet of commercial space.  A new parking garage will include parking for 430 cars, of which 135 spaces will be public parking.  The City will enter into a parking management agreement with the developer to ensure the public parking is operated and managed for the benefit of the community and the retail tenants. The project also includes an east-west public walkway between First and Second streets.


Project Background / Summary: 

The redevelopment of Block 137, often referred to as the Wizer block, has been a high priority project for the LORA Board for a number of years. The project is included in the East End Redevelopment Plan as Project J, and as such, it is eligible for financial assistance using urban renewal funds. In early 2013,  property owner Gene Wizer and his developer, Evergreen Group LLC, approached LORA for financial support for a new mixed-use development on the site. At the Board’s May meeting, Evergreen Group Principal Pat Kessi, presented a concept plan for redeveloping Block 137 that included new residential and retail development consistent with Project J in the East End Plan. Based on the proposal, the Board directed staff to negotiate a draft development agreement for the Board’s consideration.  The development agreement was signed in August 2013.  Development on the site began in October 2015 and the residential move-in is anticipated in early 2018.

Project Updates: 

July 2018 Update - The Windward Grand Opening, July 12

The redevelopment of this site is included in the East End Redevelopment Plan, and has been a high priority project for the Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency (LORA) for a number of years. In 2013, LORA entered into a development agreement with the private developer of the site. The Windward is now leasing luxury apartments with spacious floor plans and expansive views, and also is introducing exciting new ground floor retail and restaurant experiences to the downtown area.

In addition, the new underground public parking garage is now open at The Windward. The entrance is on First Street, located across from the driveway to the public parking garage at Lake View Village.

The Windward will have a Grand Opening celebration on Thursday, July 12th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 130 A Avenue in downtown Lake Oswego.  The public is cordially invited to share in this festive courtyard gathering.


January 2018 Update
The project is nearing completion with residents moving in by the end of February.  Salt & Straw, StarCycle, Bamboo Sushi, Chuckie Pies and Adorn have all announced that they will be opening soon at the Windward, with many more retailers and restaurants to come.

Please click on the following link for information about leasing opportunities at the Windward.


June 2017 Update

Lake Oswego's Wizer Block now has a name: The Windward. Leasing is scheduled to begin in late summer with residents expected to begin moving in during the first quarter of 2018. For leasing updates, go to The Windward website at:


Block 137 Development -  Frequently Asked Questions (11/16/15)

Is this a City project?

No, the redevelopment of Block 137 is a private project.  The property is owned by Wizer Properties LLC, which has an agreement with Evergreen Group, LLC, who will be the owner of the project. The project will provide a mix of uses in three separate buildings including 200 residential units, and 42,891 square feet of commercial space.  A new parking garage will include parking for 430 cars, of which 135 spaces will be public parking.


How is the City involved?

The redevelopment of Block 137 is a specific project defined in the City’s East End Redevelopment Plan.  To help implement this project in the Plan, the Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency approved an agreement with Evergreen Group to have the project include improvements that will benefit the broader community.  Most notable is the addition of 135 public parking spaces.  The project will also include an east-west public walkway through the middle of the block.

The City is also responsible for processing applications for development review, building and street improvement permits.  The development review process ensures that the project complies with the City’s Community Development Code.  Evergreen Group submitted its development review application in September 2013.  The City Council’s decision to approve the project as part of the development review process was affirmed by the Land Use Board of Appeals and is currently under review by the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Applications for the initial building permits were submitted in July 2015 and will be reviewed by the City’s Building Department.  The Engineering Department will review the street improvements permit once an application is submitted.


Why is the City re-grading Second Street, and is this part of the Block 137 project?

Second Street between Evergreen Road and A Avenue is a separate project from the Block 137 project.  The street is being re-graded to improve the cross-slope and grades.  The City has decided to perform this work at this time in order to have the final street grades match the grades that are being constructed as part of the Block 137 project.


How much is the Redevelopment Agency contributing is the toward Block 137 project financing?

The project is being paid for primarily with private financing.  The Redevelopment Agency is contributing up to $5,200,000 towards development permits and $749,000 towards construction.


What is the status of the appeal of the City Council’s decision to approve the development?

The Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) affirmed the Council’s decision on April 15, 2015.  Save Our Village and the Evergreen Neighborhood Association appealed LUBA’s decision on May 11 to the Oregon Court of Appeals.  Both the City and the appellants have filed briefs and presented oral arguments on July 15.  On August 5, 2015 LUBA affirmed the City Council decision without Opinion. Save Our Village and the Evergreen Neighborhood Association petition to the State of Oregon Supreme Court for review of the decision of the Court of Appeals and LUBA. On November 12, 2015, The Oregon Supreme Court denied the Petition for Review.


When will construction be done?

Construction began with demolition in October 2015 and is expected to last 22 months.


How will construction traffic be handled?

The developer is required to submit a traffic control plan to address construction traffic, pedestrian access and vehicle traffic flow, and has already met with the Transportation and Traffic Departments to receive guidance on the plan to be proposed.  The City will review the traffic control plan to ensure safety and to minimize traffic congestion around the development site.  No traffic control plan has been submitted at this time.


Where can I get more information about the project?


Who can I contact for more information?

For more information on the development, please contact the project hotline:



Questions Regarding Project Site Dan Armstrong (503) 937-9117
Questions Regarding Construction Matt Baker (503) 937-9117
General Comments or Concerns Elaine Franklin (503) 819-2647
Questions from Media Elaine Franklin (503) 819-2647
Commercial/Retail Leasing Kathleen Healy (503) 274-0211
  Scott Buth (503) 274-0211
  Ashley Heichelbech (503) 274-0211
Residential Leasing The Windward (503) 636-1152


For more information about the City’s role and participation in the project, please contact:

Sidaro Sin, Redevelopment Manager

503-697-7421 or


For more information about the land use application, click here.

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Sid Sin Redevelopment Manager 503-697-7421

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