East End Redevelopment Plan

The East End Redevelopment Plan was adopted by the City Council in 1986.  The plan listed nearly two dozen projects to be completed within the district boundary.  In 2004, the Council adopted a substantial amendment to the East End Plan, to reflect statutory changes, add projects and increase the Plan's maximum indebtedness.  The 2004 Plan (updated in 2015 to reflect Amendment 18, effective February 24, 2015) includes a description of both completed and potential projects.

The Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency (LORA) is directed by Council acting as the LORA Board.  Present and past agendas and minutes of the Board can be found  on our meetings page.

The Finance Department prepares financial reports for the Redevelopment Agency.  All are available on the Finance Urban Renewal page.



On September 30, approximately 35 community members attended a public meeting to learn about the East End Redevelopment Plan and to provide input on where future public investments should be directed.  Attendees participated in a real-time polling activity that asked questions to help prioritize categories of projects.  The categories included: street improvement; public spaces and plazas; public parking, investing in existing buildings, and redevelopment (new housing, retail, restaurant and office).  Investing in public parking, existing buildings and indoor gathering spaces received at least 50% support in the medium or high category.  Office development was a lower priority for public investments and there were mixed opinions for housing and street improvements.

The Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency Board will meet in early December to review this information as they consider where future urban renewal funds will be directed. Results of the polling and other written comments can be found below in the Supporting Documents section.