Millennium Plaza Park

The park is located in the heart of downtown, overlooking Lakewood Bay, between First and Second Streets.  As required by the Redevelopment Plan, visual access to Lakewood Bay was assured through the acquisition of a large portion of the “bluff” area and by the construction of Millennium Plaza Park.  The park features a large pergola with an open fireplace at the west end, and a reflecting pond nearby - a regular concert and special event venue. To the east, a traffic circle at the south end of First Avenue surrounds Simon Toparovsky’s seven-foot bronze sculpture, ”Fortuna,” atop an eight-foot rock pedestal and fountain.  Steps away from the fountain a bosque is surrounded by tables and chairs, providing a great spot for reading, dining, or watching  boats on the bay.  A ramp overlooking Lakewood Bay and the Headlee Pathway takes visitors to the fountain plaza below. Millennium Plaza Park has become a host of numerous events and a gathering place for citizens of all ages.  The park opened December 28, 1999 and the final phase was completed in the Summer of 2010.

Fortuna at Millennium Plaza Park
Millennium Plaza Park From Evergreen Street
First Street Evergreen Avenue
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
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