New City Hall Project

Project Updates: 

Please see the list of project milestones (listed under key documents) for the highlights of work on the project to-date. 

August 19 - 23

  • Sanitary Sewer Line 3rd Street – This week, crews are expected to finish the sanitary work on the north end of 3rd Street.  Expect a 24-hour road closure on the north end of 3rd Street during this work.  Key Bank parking signs will be placed on A Ave in front of the bank for customers.
  • Sanitary Sewer Line A Ave – Work is expected to begin later this week on the south lane of Ave and will last through August 30.  The south lane on A Ave between 3rd Street and 4th Street will be closed between 6:00 am – 3:00 pm.
  • Pile Installation – Pile drilling will continue this week and into next week.  The work is going slower than expected because there is more rock on the site than expected.

As always, use caution when driving in the construction zone and follow all traffic signs.

The schedule may change as needed due to unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions.


August 12 - 16

  • Sanitary Sewer Line 3rd Street – work will be finishing up on the north end of 3rd Street.  Beginning of the week, expect 24-hour road closure on the north end of 3rd Street during this work.  Key Bank parking signs will be placed on A Ave in front of the bank for customers. 
  • Sanitary Sewer Line A Ave – Work will begin on the south lane of Ave next week and is expected to last into the week of August 19th.  The south lane on A Ave between 3rd Street and 4th Street will be closed between 6:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Use caution when driving on A Ave and follow all traffic signs.
  • Pile Installation – Pile drilling will start on Monday (8/12) and continue into next week.  Drilling the 72 piles on site has less impact than pile driving. 

August 9

Join us in celebrating the groundbreaking for Lake Oswego’s new City Hall. The ceremony will take place at the construction site on A Avenue and 3rd Street on Friday, August 9. Welcome and program will begin at 11 a.m.

Scheduled activities include remarks from Mayor Kent Studebaker, and representatives from Mackenzie Architects and General Contractor Howard S. Wright, among others. Architectural renderings will also be displayed and light refreshments served. The event will wrap up with the traditional sod-turning ceremony.

The new City Hall will provide the community with a seismically safe, modern, energy efficient and better functioning building that will be designed to a LEED Gold rating standard. Construction is expected to be completed with move-in around March 2021. Final completion of the project is expected by the end of 2021.

The project has been many years in the making – please join us to mark this special occasion!

July 29 - August 9

Contractors will begin sanitary work that will include some temporary road closures.  New sanitary line will be installed from Evergreen Road up 3rd Street and A Avenue along the project frontage.  This work will last 3-4 weeks (subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances).  Work to be completed in 4 phases with 24-hour road closure on sections of roadway where work is occurring.  There is a possibility that one lane may remain open during non-work hours.

Access to all businesses and residences will remain available at all times.  The sidewalk on the east side of 3rd Street will remain open.  The sidewalk on the west side will be closed. 

July 22 - 26

  • Pot Hole Utilities
  • Demolition of Hardscape
  • Site Grading


July 10 - Site Preparation and Tree Removal

Deconstruction of the two buildings next to the existing city hall is wrapping up. Site preparation will continue as trees around the new city hall site are removed. Tree and shrub removal will begin possibly today at the north end of the site along A Avenue and move southward on the property.  Sidewalks on A Avenue and Third Street will be closed during this work.  All tree removal should be completed by Monday.

Once the new City Hall is built, new trees will be planted.

July 8 - Deconstruction

During the week of July 8 - 12, deconstruction will continue with pot holing for utilities, tree removal, silt fence and construction fencing installation, along with grading in preparation for pile installation.

July 1 - Demo Continues

Beginning July 1-5, the demolition work will continue with the removal of the builing at 320 A. Avenue.  Next steps for the project will be the week of July 8th tree removal as well as relocation of sanitary sewer on 3rd and A. Ave.

June 24 - City Hall Deconstruction to Begin

June 24 marks the first visible milestone in the New City Hall project. On Monday buildings at the corner of A Avenue and Third Street will begin to be deconstructed to make room for the new building. The process is expected to take two to three weeks and be completed by mid-July. Some trees that pose a safety risk or impeded the deconstruction process will be removed.  Most of the trees during this phase will be removed near the end of the deconstruction process.  The sidewalk on A Ave will remain open, however portions of the sidewalk on 3rd Street will be closed.  Parking will still be available on most of 3rd Street.

Material from the deconstruction of the buildings will be hauled to a regional material sorting facility in Wilsonville where wood, metal and masonry is separated and recycled. While the goal is to recycle 75% of materials, this project anticipates recycling over 90% of the materials.

June 4, 2019 - Fire Training at A Ave & 3rd St

June 5-7, the LO Fire Department will be conducting training in commercial buildings at the corner of 3rd Street and A Avenue (at 320 A Ave and 366 3rd St). Passersby can expect to see fire personnel, LOFD's ladder truck and 1-2 fire engines at the site from 9am-noon and 1:30-4:30pm each day.

Firefighters will be focusing on a variety of skills during this training, including search and rescue techniques, roof operations/ventilation, forcible entry, fire attack-hose deployment, water supply and ground ladder placement. There will be NO live fire as part of this training. This valuable training allows firefighters to hone their skills and prepare them better for emergency responses.

This location is where the new City Hall will be built. In addition to LOFD training, over the next few weeks you may see the LO Police Department and the Clackamas County SWAT team training at the site. After the training, deconstruction of the buildings will begin. Deconstruction is expected to start somewhere around mid-June. For more information about the City Hall project, visit or call the construction hotline at 503-635-0261.

For more information about the LOFD training, contact Gert Zoutendijk, Lake Oswego Fire Department, at 503-635-0275.

May 21, 2019 LORA meeting

At the meeting, the Board approved early work site preparation and material procurement in the amount of $8,107.796.00.  This authorization locks in construction costs for approximately 25% of the project cost, reduces wet-weather impacts and keeps the project on schedule.  The design team has completed 75% construction documents and anticipates completing 90% of this phase in early June. View the meeting materials.

April 1, 2019 DRC meeting

The DRC approved the Development and Conditional Use Permits and Design and Minor Variances to construct the new City Hall and associated parking.  View the meeting on our YouTube channel.  Meeting materials posted HERE.

March 5, 2019 LORA Meeting

With the design development phase drawings now completed, the Board approved the development phase drawings and athorized the team to move forward into the construction document phase.  The meeting materials are posted online.

November 6, 2018 LORA meeting

The LORA Board approved the schematic design on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. View the meeting materials (design, floor plans, site plans).  The next steps for the project will be to hold a pre-application conference, submit the land use application, meet with the Evergreen neighborhood association, and schedule a hearing with the Development Review Commission once the application is complete. The work includes further development of the design details both on the exterior and interior of the new building.

June 12, 2018

The LORA Board directed staff to proceed with the concept to construct a new city hall on the property next to the existing city hall building. A revised concept was approved by the Board on July 17. The meeting materials are posted online.

New City Hall Project Overview

The Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency is working on the planning and design of a new City Hall in downtown Lake Oswego. The new City Hall will provide a seismically safe, energy efficient and better functioning building for the community and city staff. It will include space for all existing departments including police and 9-1-1 dispatch center, as well as public meeting places. It will also provide storefront space for the Lake Oswego Arts Council and the Friends of the Library’s “Booktique.” The new building will be 3 stories over one level for secured police parking.

The new city hall building will be built adjacent to the existing city hall in downtown Lake Oswego. After the new building is complete, the existing city hall will be demolished and replaced with a new civic plaza, surface parking and street improvements. 

The majority of the project is funded by urban renewal. 

Police Facility Background

The city has studied the siting and construction of a new police facility since 2001.  The current space on the second floor of City Hall has long been recognized as inadequate for housing Police and 911 dispatch services.  The building cannot be secured, there is insufficient space for police operations, and the building does not meet current seismic standards for essential services.

Following several site studies, needs assessments, and condition analyses, in 2013 the Lake Oswego City Council, acting as the Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency (LORA) Board, decided to purchase the three privately-held parcels immediately east of city hall as the site for a new police and 911 facility. The properties were acquired in 2015 and 2016. Following the decision to replace city hall, rather than just build a new police facility, a new city hall will be constructed on the properties next door to the existing city hall. 

City Hall Background

The existing Lake Oswego City Hall, value-engineered and constructed in 1986 for about $5 million, has multiple and significant building and programmatic deficiencies identified through several studies and condition assessments.

The inadequate drainage system of the building, compounded by the long history of excessive amounts of rainwater penetrating through the building's envelope (an EIFS cladding system), has damaged the underlying components of the building’s exterior wall. It is no longer feasible to maintain the building envelope and the lack of drainage system coupled with the significant concealed damage under the EIFS cladding removes the possibility of doing targeted repairs.  An assessment conducted in July 2015 recommended a full replacement of windows, doors, EIFS and underlining sheathing and insulation, roof, and repairs to the exterior walls. Additionally, the building's systems such as the HVAC, generator, and elevators are in need of replacement.

A seismic and structural assessment of the building noted that the structure would not perform well in an earthquake and the cost to retrofit the building would compare to the construction of a new facility. On March 21, 2017, the City Council decided to build a new City Hall with urban renewal funds rather than making the costly repairs and affirmed that decision on June 12, 2018.

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