2015 - All the Light We Cannot See

A tale of an orphan boy in Nazi Germany who has a gift with radio; a blind girl who is part of the resistance in occupied France; an old man who is haunted by the ghosts of his past; and a gem that curses whoever owns it with health and long life was the book for the 2015 Lake Oswego Reads.

Thirty-two events were held throughout February as part of the reading of this novel with over 16,000 people in attendance.  Events included a discussion with a panel of veterans of World War II; French and German wine tasting; French music; an art show of artwork based on the book from 19 artists; book discussions; talks from experts in blindness, gemology, World War II, and radio; History professor discussions on Nazism, Hitler Youth, and Childhood in Nazi Germany; World War II displays; and a presentation by Anthony Doerr about “The 10-year Journey of Writing All the Light We Cannot See.”  This book was named the Pulitzer Prize winner for best fiction two months after Lake Oswego read it.

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