Environmental Tips

Beginning February 1st this page will feature a daily suggestion for being kinder to the environment. Stay tuned! We hope to show you that it can be easy being green. 

Join a CSA to get shares of local, farm-fresh foods.

Did you know that Lake Oswego's own Luscher Farm offers Community Sourced Agriculture (CSA) opportunities? 

Substitute beeswax treated paper for plastic wrap.

Bee's Wrap offers a variety of products handmade in Vermont. They can be purchased locally at New Seasons, Nordstrom, and Natural Grocers stores.

Choose cloth cleaning pads and mops instead of disposable.

There are a variety of wash-and-reuse cleaning tools available now that allow you to clean in a more sustainable (and sanitary) way! 

Unplug appliances when not in use, as they can draw energy even when turned off.

Why not check out one of the library's kill-a-watt meters to see where you are losing electricity in your home?

Recycle everything you can!

The Portland metro area has many organizations that can recycle an incredibly wide array of items. Oregon Metro provides a comprehensive tool to find all kinds of recyclers.

Use loose-leaf tea, as tea bags often contain plastic.

We have many incredible loose leaf tea outlets in the Portland area. Have you been to the hidden gem that is the Stash Tea retail store?

Take shorter showers or install a low-flow showerhead.

Did you know the Energy Trust of Oregon offers discounts on energy-efficient showerheads? You may qualify for a free one if you own a condo, townhome, or multi-family unit!

Use green, environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Making your own cleaning compounds is better for the Earth and can be cheaper than store-bought products. Check out all the books we have on green cleaning!

Walk, bike, or take public transportation in the Metro area.

MAX, streetcar, buses, trams... the greater Portland area has a variety of public transportation options. It's easy to plan a trip. A streetcar pass only costs $2.00!

Review your home's insulation for maximum effectiveness.

Insulation can make a big difference in how much it costs to heat and cool your home. The department of energy has a comprehensive website on home insulation, including regional recommendations for R-values.

Use a thermos or your own cup at your local coffee shop.

Most coffee shops, large or small, will offer an incentive to those using their personal travel mug when they order a drink. Ask about it!