February 5: Art Unveiling Reception & Month-long Art Show

Thursday, February 5th - 6:00-7:30 pm at Graham’s Book and Stationery & Chrisman Picture Frame

Close your eyes and envision the changing, contrasting scenes of All the Light We Cannot See, the characters struggling for their voices to be heard, the emotions and subtleties of their journey vividly painting a story.  Think about the sensations evoked. Now open your eyes to the portrayal of another’s vision in our Art Unveiling.

Come to Graham’s Book and Stationery to partake in this demonstration of 19 well known artists’ impressions of the novel. Meet the artists: Beth Verheyden, Bill Baily, Bonnie Garlington, Debby Neely, Dyanne Locati, Jani Hoberg, Kara Pilcher, Lisa Wiser, Loren Nelson, Mary Burgess, Robert Schlegel, Ruth Armitage, Sally Bills Bailey, Susie Cowan, Susan Greenbaum, Sue Jensen, Barbara Wagner, Leslie Cheney Parr and Jan Rimerman and discuss the substance of their work and the motivations behind it.

Also, Lake Oswego and Lakeridge High School Art Departments will be participating in Lake Oswego Reads with an Art Show at Chrisman Picture Frame & Gallery. All proceeds from the sale of the students’ art will go to the individual students.

  • LOHS art teacher Katie Brinkʼs advanced students will create acrylic on canvas paintings of shells working from the novel of the young Marie-Laure collecting Mollusks along the sea.
  • LOHS ceramics art teacher Steve Schiefelbeinʼs students will be creating clay shell sculptures.
  • Shannon McBride, LHS art teacher will be showcasing student, Orian Raviv. Orian's senior portfolio is centered around the Holocaust.
  • Students of LHS ceramics teacher Mike Helle will be creating a variety of work based off of the theme in All The Light We Cannot See.

The art will be on display and for sale through February at Graham’s and Chrisman.


Graham's Book & Stationary
460 2nd St
Lake Oswego, 97034