February 7: All the Senses You Can Use To See @ Graham's

Saturday, February 7th - 1:00-4:00 pm at Graham's Book & Stationery

See the Antique radio WWII-era display. Hear them work. Listen to Blake Dietze talk about spy radios and classics of the era. 1-2:00 pm.

Feel the various wood boxes and imagine them in the hands of Marie-Laure. Let our wood craftsman tell you about his turned bowls & boxes. 2-3:00 pm.

Taste French wine from France along with beer and sausages from Germany 1-4:00 pm.

Experience the worlds of Werner in Germany and Marie-Laure in France with science kits, wood & metal puzzles, games, a mini victory garden, art, artifacts and allied reading.

Graham’s Book & Stationery, 1-4:00 pm


Graham's Book and Stationary
460 2nd St.
Lake Oswego, 97034