February 9: Alter Wiener - Holocaust Survivor

Monday, February 9th - 7:00 pm at Lakewood Center for the Arts

Watch the Videotape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvN4iniJ2TU

Holocaust survivor and author of From a Name to a Number, Alter Wiener will share his experiences as a young man during WWII. Mr. Wiener's father was brutally murdered on September 11, 1939, by German invaders of Poland.

Alter was then a boy of 13. At age 15, he was deported to Blechhammer, a forced labor camp for Jews, in Germany. Mr. Wiener subsequently survived five different camps. Upon liberation by the Russian Army on May 9, 1945, he discovered most of his family was gone.

Through sharing his experience of a time in our history which must never be forgotten, Mr. Wiener's message is ultimately one of tolerance and strength.

Lakewood Center for the Arts
368 S. State St
Lake Oswego, 97034