Flute Performance & Workshop - Postponed to March 23

Peter Ali lives in northern Washington and due to the weather there he will not be able to perform on 2/13.  We will announce a new performance date in March soon.

In a performance of music and story, Peter Ali will play Native and Meso American flutes representing the Plains, Woodland, Maya, and Toltec. He is proud of his native heritage from Mexico and his opportunities to connect cultures.  Ali will hand out flutes to the first 40 participants and will conclude with a Native flute workshop.

Library, 706 4th St., 1 pm

Ali has inspired and comforted many through his music since first hearing the call of a Native American style flute at a low point in his own life. He then found his way towards healing through teaching himself to play the flute. 

Ali comes from a unique blending of cultures. His mother is from Sonora Mexico and is of Mayan, Pima Indian, and southern European descent. His father is of Berber descent from Morocco, North Africa.

Ali performs and teaches flute playing and flute making through various Native American tribal programs, schools, public libraries, and other venues. He was a featured performer for the Dalai Lama during a Seeds of Compassion event in Seattle that was designed to “plant hope” and “nurture kindness and compassion in the world, starting with children and all those who touch their lives.”

Lake Oswego Public Library
706 4th St
Lake Oswego, OR 97034