Month-long Displays at the Library

Displays in January and February at Lake Oswego Public Library

The Library's stairway gallery will showcase original pages from Theresa Truchot's WWII scrapbook.  Truchot was the unofficial keeper of Lake Oswego history and a unique home front patriot.  The pages include letters to and from the front, postcards and the Lake Oswego Honk, a wartime newsletter edited by Truchot.

WWII Displays

Thanks to Rowdie Tamblyn and the Military Vehicle Collector's Club of Oregon, displays from WWII will be available at the Lake Oswego Public Library in January and February.

Braille Version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Have you ever felt the nodules and pitted margins of a Braille page?  If the answer is "no," you are in for a fresh experience.  On loan from Oregon Talking Book and Braille Library, the Lake Oswego Library has a copy of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea available for your browsing pleasure.

WWII Memory Board at the Library

As part of the Lake Oswego Reads All the Light We Cannot See program, we will be constructing a WWII memory board in the Lake Oswego Public Library. We invite the entire community to fill this board with pictures and names of relatives who fought in or lived through the war. Bring copies of your photographs, pictures, or any symbolic memorabilia related to the traumas of WWII as well as the stories of recovery, just as Marie-Laure moves forward with her life as a scientist and as a mother.