Lake Oswego Reads Steering Committee


Samuel Bohn, Lake Oswego High School Student

Christine Buchanan, Lakeridge High School Student

Bill Baars, Retired Library Director

Nell Diamond, Library Admin

Cherie Dupuis, Resident

Andrew Edwards, Lakewood Center for the Arts

Lilisa Hall, Lake Oswego Resident

Dawn Hayami, Lake Oswego Resident

Aria Hoch, Lake Oswego High School Student

Agnes Hoffman, Retired professor, University of Portland

Marcy Huss, Lake Oswego High School English Teacher

Melissa Kelly, Library Director

Naomi Kirchner, Lakeridge High School English Teacher

Ricky Korach, Retired HS English Teacher

Nancy Niland, Library Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator

Katharine Phelps, Lake Oswego Resident

Alicia Yokoyama, Librarian

Lake Oswego Reads Events Committee 

Tamara Beale

Cherie Dupuis

Janice Shokrian