What is Food Sovereignty and Some Ideas on How to Build it in our Continent: A Perspective of an Immigrant from the South

Sunday, April 16, 2023 - 11:00am

The people have food sovereignty when they have the REAL opportunity to decide how to coexist with nature and at the same time produce high quality food, and live a dignified, valued and secure life. Food sovereignty has an incredible potential to address crises such as climate change and inequality, and it should be possible for those who produce the food and those who consume it. Having fair and equitable access to fertile land, clean water and organic seeds is a priority to achieve food sovereignty. This idea is simple but in our traumatized society it seems increasingly impossible. Why? Could it be that society is ready to heal its traumas and achieve the impossible?   

In this conversation, Ana Galvis will share some of her insights after visiting various corners of the continent and seeing with her own eyes the costs and worth of actively building food sovereignty. 

Ana C. Galvis-Martinez is a woman, a single mother, a Latina immigrant, and an intercultural educator active in the Food Justice Movement in the Americas. She holds a bachelor degree in Biology, a MSc in Sustainable Development and a MA in Latin American Studies with an emphasis in food justice. She is deeply interested in agroecology as an agricultural production alternative to grow nutritious food, conserve natural resources and strengthen social movements. For over 15 years Ana has worked within the food justice and food sovereignty movements in the non-profit and in the academic sector, in Mexico, Colombia and the USA. She has extensive experience building knowledge about the food systems with people of different socio-cultural backgrounds, ages, and genders. Nowadays, Ana works as education specialist for the Organic Seed Alliance and she is also a beginner farmer in Kawamoto-Wipala, a historic family farm located in the Olympic peninsula of Washington State.  

This is a virtual program presented on Zoom. Pre-registration is required. 

Topic: What is Food Sovereignty and Some Ideas How to build it in our Continent: A perspective of an Immigrant from the South 
Time: Apr 15, 2023 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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