Maps for Sale

City maps are available for purchase on the second floor of Lake Oswego City Hall.  Small street maps, pathway, and neighborhood maps are available at no charge.


  • The Address Atlas displays all streets, lot lines, and addresses; City-owned and non-City-owned parks and open spaces; city and county limits; schools and school district property; all City facilities including fire stations; and many other features.  This atlas is in full color and consists of 31 square-mile maps of Lake Oswego and the surrounding area.
  • Address Atlas Updates
  • The Zoning Atlas displays all streets, lot lines, and addresses; residential, commercial, and industrial zones; city and county limits; the Willamette River Greenway Management District; tree groves; and wetlands and stream corridors.
  • The atlases sell for $46.00 each with binder and protective sleeves or $25.00 unbound.  Updated pages are also available when major changes occur.

Wall maps:

  • Zoning Map - 18" x 25" - $19.00
  • City Map - 32" x 44" - $11.00.  This map shows all streets and addresses.

As-built construction drawings of water, sanitary, and storm drainage utility lines are also available for viewing and purchase at City Hall.

Custom-made maps are also available.

Disclaimer:   The maps available on the City of Lake Oswego's web site are for information purposes only and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes.  Users of this information should review, or consult, the primary data and information sources to ascertain the usability of the information.  This map represents the best data available at the time of publication.  While reasonable effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the information shown on this page, the City of Lake Oswego assumes no responsibility, or liability, for any errors, omissions, or use of this information.