Project Timeline

State Legislation and Rulemaking: Summer 2019 – Winter 2020/2021

  • June 2019: State Legislature adopts HB 2001.
  • Dec 2020: State Land Conservation and Development Commission adopts the implementing rules for HB 2001 (Division 46).

Information Gathering and Research: Winter 2020/2021 – Spring 2021

  • Nov 2020: City staff and a consultant team led by Cascadia Partners begin to work to analyze neighborhood conditions in Lake Oswego.
  • Jan - Feb 2021: Neighborhood Character Interviews and Survey conducted.
  • Apr 2021: City releases materials that outline concepts and alternatives to comply with HB 2001.
  • May 2021: City Council and the Planning Commission receive presentations on initial findings and provide direction on a work plan for the next phase of the project.

Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee Process: Summer – Fall 2021

  • June 2021: Council formally appoints an Ad-Hoc Middle Housing Code Advisory Committee (MHCAC) to provide high-level policy guidance to the Planning Commission.
  • July - Oct 2021: MHCAC holds six (6) meetings to discuss key issues related to middle housing implementation.
  • Nov 2021: MHCAC presents recommendations, City Council directs staff to draft code amendments that are required to be adopted by the June 30, 2022 deadline.

Code Development and Refinement: Winter 2021/2022

  • Dec 2021: City hosts virtual Middle Housing Community Forum
  • Dec 2021 - Feb 2022: Planning Commission work sessions held to refine proposed code amendment recommendations. 
  • Feb 2022: City Council study session held to discuss Planning Commission draft code recommendations.

Code Adoption: Spring – Summer 2022

Contact Information

Erik Olson, Senior Planner, (503) 697-6524 or email.

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