About Parks Plan 2040

It’s time for a fresh look at Lake Oswego’s park and recreation system.

Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation is updating its long-range Parks, Recreation, and Natural Areas System Plan through the year 2040. Once completed, this Plan will serve as the guiding document for how parks, facilities, and recreation activities are provided in Lake Oswego over the next 15 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Park, Recreation, and Natural Areas Plan?

The Parks, Recreation, and Natural Areas System Plan is the City’s long-range plan for how its parks, recreation facilities, trails, programs, and services will grow and serve the community. The Plan will provide a 15-year vision and outline new goals and policies, with guidance for future projects, policies, and programs built on community input. The Plan inventories existing parks and facilities, identifies community needs and values, and directs funding and investment over the next fifteen years.

Why update the Park, Recreation, and Natural Areas Plan?

The City’s current Parks Plan (Parks Plan 2025) was adopted in 2012. Although many of the goals and policies of the current Plan remain relevant, the City has grown and experienced many demographic and economic shifts over the past decade. The purpose of updating the Plan is to develop a comprehensive view of how all of our parks, facilities, programs, and services work together to serve the community. It also helps to ensure that future investments reflect community priorities, and that those priorities were identified through an equitable and inclusive community engagement process. An updated plan will give us guidance on how to maintain our existing park and recreation facilities as well as plan for future challenges and opportunities.

Who can participate? Who makes decisions?

The Parks Plan 2040 process will be guided by input from community members, the Community Advisory Committee (CAC), the Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Advisory Board (PRNRAB), and the Lake Oswego City Council. The planning process will provide numerous opportunities for community members to provide their input on the goals, policies, and objectives of the Plan, with a focus on making engagement events equitable and inclusive to all Lake Oswego community members. Ultimately, the Lake Oswego City Council will consider adoption of the final Plan.

How long will the Parks Plan 2040 process take?

The Parks Plan 2040 process began in July 2023 and is expected to be completed by early 2025. The project timeline at the top of this page outlines the key tasks that will be taken throughout the update process, including community events.

How can I participate in the process?

The City is currently collecting input from residents, local community groups and boards, business owners, and subject matter experts. If you would like staff to meet with your group, you can request a meeting by emailing khaggart@lakeoswego.city.

Understanding community needs and concerns will be essential to creating a successful plan to guide the future of Lake Oswego’s park and recreation system. The Parks Plan 2040 process will provide a variety of public participation opportunities including community events, pop-ups at existing park events and activities, online meetings or surveys, social media questionnaires, and the ability to comment via this website, e-mail, phone, or in-person. Information about public engagement opportunities will be shared through the City’s website and social media accounts, and news releases to local media outlets.

Other ways to get involved:

  • Sign up for the interested parties email list to receive project updates, links to surveys, and invitations to community meetings and events
  • Listen in and provide public comment at Community Advisory Committee meetings (meeting dates and times will be posted on the website as they are scheduled)
  • Take project surveys online
  • Attend community-wide events

Where can I learn more?

This website provides the most up to date information about upcoming events and draft documents. You can also contact Kyra Haggart, Project Manager at khaggart@lakeoswego.city or 503-697-6576 for more information.


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