Block Party Permit Application

What is a Block Party?

A "Block Party" is a gathering organized by residents of the neighborhood abutting the street to be closed, for their enjoyment.

Street Closure

If the Block Party will close or restrict a public street, the street closure requirements are:

  • Street is a residential/local roadway*;
  • Preferably a non-through street*;
  • Closure must be for entire block;
  • Must use City-provided barricades to block streets.
  • Street closure limited to daylight hours only, and starting no earlier than 8am and ending no later than 10pm;

*  For clarification of acceptable block party locations, please contact Traffic Engineering or 503-635-0270.

Permit Application Requirements

A Block Party requires a permit issued by the City. Additional documents may also be required:

  • Abutting Neighbors Consent (pdf below):  When block party is held in closed or restricted street, consent of abutting neighbors needed;
  • Map of affected roadway;
  • Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Permit: If alcohol use is planned for your Special Event, submit OLCC permits with your application. [The City of Lake Oswego (local government as stated on the application) will process the first portion and then contact you to take the City-approved application to OLCC];
  • Temporary Restaurant License & Food Handler Certificate: For any food service establishment in the street, public right-of-way, and City facility.

Additional Information

After receipt of the Block Party Permit Application, you may be contacted by affected City departments if additional information is needed or to discuss the specific plans to accommodate the Block Party and its impact upon the public generally.

Submit the Block Party Permit Application to:

Personal delivery M-F, 8am-5pm:
City of Lake Oswego (at City Golf Course)
Attn:  Parks & Recreation Department/Special Events Permit
17525 Stafford Rd.
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034

Mail to:
City of Lake Oswego
Attn:  Parks & Recreation Department/Block Party Permit
PO Box 369
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034


Submit Application by PDF/Email:

  • Print out the application, complete it, and SIGN IT;
  • Scan signed application and applicable additional documents as PDF Adobe® document(s); and
  • Submit the complete PDF document(s) and any attachments to the Parks Department - multiple documents require multiple emails. Email to Please include "Block Party" in the subject line of the emails.

Please submit the application at least two weeks prior to the event.

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