Common Plans & Files

Large Plans and Documents that include EOC for multiple standards

1964 Lake Oswego Charter

City Comprehensive Plan      Goal 5   Goal 8   Access to Local Food

LOMEA Agreement 2022-2024

Parks Plan 2025

Parks Plan 2025 Appendices A-L

Parks Plan 2025 Accomplishments (updated 2022)

Recreation Division Activity and Service Development and Delivery Process (ASDDP)

NRPA Agency Performance Review 2021

LOPR_Annual Report FY20-21

LOPR_Annual Report FY21-22

LOPR FY20-21 Recreation Performance Results Matrix

LOPR FY21-22 Recreation Performance Results Matrix

FY21-22 Customer Excellence Results Packet

2003 Trails Master Plan

2021 Community Survey Results

2018 Parks & Recreation Phone Survey Results

2017 Employee Survey Results

2011 PRANA Community Needs Assessment

FY21-23 Adopted Budget

2017 City of Lake Oswego Emergency Operations Plan

ADA Transition Plan

Capital Improvement Plan

EOC for standards with document links to a large number of embedded PDF references in the E0 _Primary EOC document


1.1 Source of Authority Additional Reference Files

ORS 221.901

ORS 226.310

OAR 660-034-0040 Planning for Local Parks

Statewide Goal 8 660-015-0000 (08)

1.7.1 Operational and Coordination Agreements

1.7.1 E1_47th Ave Farm Right of Renewal Agreement

1.7.1 E2_CCP Facility Agreement

1.7.1 E3_Clackamas County_ACC_IGA_22-007

1.7.1 E4_LOCR Agreement

1.7.1 E5_SEA Architects_LORAC Agreement



4.2 Staff Qualifications - Job Descriptions and Resumes

Job Description ACC Manager

Job Description Administrative Assistant

Job Description Communications and Sponsorship Coordinator this file is EOC for 4.2, 3.4.1 and

Job Description Crew Leader

Job Description Deputy Director Parks

Job Description Deputy Director Recreation

Job Description Director Parks & Recreation  this file is EOC for 4.2 and 4.4

Job Description Parks Manager

Job Description Park Ranger

Job Description Planning Analyst, Project Manager 

Job Description Recreation Supervisor

Resume ACC Manager

Resume Administrative Assistant

Resume Communications and Sponsorship Coordinator

Resume Crew Leader 1

Resume Crew Leader 2

Resume Crew Leader 3

Resume Deputy Director Parks

Resume Deputy Director Recreation

Resume Director Parks & Recreation

Resume Parks Manager

Resume Park Ranger 1

Resume Park Ranger 2 (Note, the resume indicates 1, but it's really 2)

Resume Planning Analyst, Project Manager 1

Resume Planning Analyst, Project Manager 2

Resume Recreation Supervisor

4.3 Job Analyses for Job Descriptions

ACC Client Services Coordinator_LOMEA, Perm_PT

Administrative Support_On Call

Assistant Farmers' Market Manager_On Call

Communications and Sponsorship Coordinator_LOMEA, FT

Lifeguard_On Call

Recreation Support_On Call

Recreation Specialist II_LOMEA, FT

Tennis Instructors_On Call

Kincaid Intern

Parks Manager_Mgmt, FT


10.6 EOC for Research Investigation


LOPR_Pickleball Staff Report_030922 (the issue)

LOPR_GRP Pickleball Court and Program Updates_052722 (remediations)

LOPR_GRP Pickleball Noise Study_P3863_061422 (the findings)

LOPR_Front Desk Pickleball Talking Points_120222


FY 19-20_LOPR Annual Report

FY 19-20_Q3 Q4 COVID Impact Report

FY 2021_LOPR Annual All Compiled Report

$30M PARKS BOND 2019

$30M PARK BOND (Approved by Voters May 2019)

LOPR_Bond Measure Language to Council_012519

LOPR_Bond Taking Points_032719

LOPR_2019 Bond (post-approval) Project Priorities Outreach Info Poster

LOPR_Parks Bond Priorities Press Release_061119


LOPR_2009 Golf-Tennis_Final Feasibility Study

LOPR_ITC Expansion Project & Results of Comm Input_PRNAB (Parks Board) Packet_050818