Section 10: Evaluation, Assessment and Research

10.1 E0_LOPR_Systematic Evaluation Processes

10.1.A E1_LOPR_Systematic Evaluation Processes (MATRIX)

10.1.B E2_LOPR_Reporting Procedures

10.1.B.1 E3_LOPR_Reporting Metrics List

10.1.C E4_LOPR_Customer Excellence Survey Guidelines

10.1.C.1 E5_ LOPR_Customer Excellence Survey SAMPLE RESULTS REPORT

10.1.C.2_E6 LOPR_Current Customer Excellence Survey FORM

10.1.1 E0_LOPR_Responsibility for Evaluation

10.1.2 E0_LOPR_Staff Training on How to Evaluate Programs, Services and Facilities

10.1.2 E1_Excerpt from ADA SETP_Who, Self Evaluation Process

10.1.2.E2_Leadership Training Packet

10.1.2 E3_Program Meeting Agenda & Attendees 011923

10.1.2 E4_NRPA Playground Safety Inspector Certification exp 2024

10.1.2 E5_Parks Maintenance Manual Training Agenda_Attendees 020323

10.1.2 E6_Excerpt from ASDDP, Sec 2., Service Delivery & Evaluation Tools 5-9

10.2 E0_LOPR_Outcomes Assessment

10.2 E1_FY18-19 Recreation Assessment of Results_Highlights and Improvements

10.2 E2_PRE and POST Planning_Results Checklist ASDDP

10.2 E3_Resident Satisfaction with LOPR_excerpt from 2021 Comm Survey, pg iv_pdf pg 8

10.2 E4_City Mgr_122822 Update_Council Initiatives and Goals Progress

10.3 E0_LOPR_Performance Metrics (Department Level)

10.3.A E1_LOPR_Recreation Division Reporting Metrics Matrix

10.3.A.1 E2_LOPR_Recreation Division Why and What is Measured?

10.3.1 E0_LOPR_Level of Service Standards

10.3.1 E1_Parks Plan 2025 Excerpt, Appendices E1_Parks Mtce Levels

10.3.1 E2_Trails Master Plan 2003_Excerpt, Appendix D_Trails Mtce Standards

10.3.1 E3_PP2025, Sec 6-1, pgs 135-136, recs based on goals

10.4 E0_LOPR_Needs Assessment

10.4 E1_LOPR 2018 Phone Survey Report

10.4 E2_LOPR 2004 Parks Rec Facilities Survey Analysis

10.5 E0_LOPR_Program and Service Statistics

10.5 E1_Active Net Activity Report 121922

10.5 E2_LOPR_Director Report 1/1-1/3/2023

10.5 E3_Active Net Customer Excellence Raw Data SAMPLE

10.5 E4_FY 22-23 Cultural Division Quarterly Report

10.5 E5_FY18-21 Summary Rec Division Perf Metrics

10.5 E6_2021 Fact Book

10.5 E7_NRPA Metrics 2021

10.5 E8_Excerpt from Parks Plan 2025_5 Year Implementation Strategy

10.5.1 E0_LOPR_Recreation and Leisure Trends Analysis

10.5.1 E1_Parks Plan 2025, Appendix B: Recreation Trends

10.5.1 E2_Excerpt re Recreation Trends from 2011 PRANA Community Needs Assessment

10.5.2 E0_LOPR_Community Inventory

10.5.2 E1_Lake Oswego Community Recreation Options Summary

10.5.2 E2_Park Inventory_Reviewed 2023

10.5.2 E3 points to 6.1.3-6.1.6 LOPR_Self Directed, Leader Directed, Facilitated Programs and Services, and Cooperative Programming MATRIX

10.5.2 E4_Excerpt from PP2025_Park System Inventory

10.5.2 E5_11x17_Inventory of Assets and Affordances 2020

10.5.3 E0_LOPR_NRPA Agency Performance Review 2021

10.6 E0_LOPR_Research Investigation

10.6 Studies for EOC are all listed in Common Files under Section 10.6

10.6.1 E0_LOPR_Quality Assurance

10.6.1 E1_PRE Planning & POST Eval Checklist, Pickleball Team Building