Section 2: Planning

2.1 E0_LOPR_Overall Planning Function Within Agency

2.1 E1_PP2025 Table 2-1 City System Planning Summary

2.2 E0_LOPR_Involvement in Local Planning

2.2 E1_Economic Development Strategy and Discussion

2.2 E2_State of the Urban Forest Report

2.2 E3_Urban & Community Forestry Plan Update

2.3 E0_LOPR_Planning with Regional, State and Federal Agencies

2.3 E1_Joint Luscher Farm_Clackamas County Master Plan Meeting

2.3 E2_METRO Resolution Authorizing Natural Areas Acquisition Stafford Basin

2.3 E3_METRO Stevens Property Title_Conservation Easement

2.3 E4_METRO Conservation Easement Stafford Basin

2.3 E5_DSL Lease Application Renewal



2.3.1 E0_LOPR_Community Comp Plan w PR Component

2.3.1 E1_City of Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan weblink

2.4 E0_LOPR_Parks and Recreation System Master Plan

Common File LOPR_Parks Plan 2025 Appendices

2.4 PP2025 Council Approval - refer to 1.6

2.5 E1_LOPR_Strategic Profile

2.5.A E2_LOPR_Recreation Strategic Plan

2.5.B E3_LOPR_Parks Strategic Plan

2.6 E0_LOPR_Feasibility Studies

2.7 E0_LOPR_Site Plans

2.7 E1_Hazelia Field Concept Plan

2.7 E2_GRP Preferred Plan

2.7 E3_Iron Mountain Park Plan

2.7 E4_Luscher Area Master Plan

2.8 E0_LOPR_Historical_Cultural Resource Management Plans

2.8.A E1_LOPR_Historic Preservation Excerpt from 2014 Comprehensive Plan

2.8 E2_City Code 50.06.009 Historic Preservation

2.8 E3_Landmark Designation List weblink

2.8 E4_Cultural Resources Inventory Part 1 and Part 2 (1989) weblinks

2.9 E0_LOPR_Community Involvement

2.9.A E1_LOPR_Community Engagement Goals, Policies, Procedures

2.9.B E2_LOPR_Resolution 08-83_Friends Groups

2.9 E3_Community Outreach_Luscher Area Task Force

2.9 E4_Luscher Area Task Force (LATF) Final Report

2.9 E5_Tennis Center Addition Info Packet for Parks Board

2.9 E6_LO Parks Bond Outreach Final Report

2.10 E0_LOPR_ADA Transition Plan