Section 8: Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Security

8.1 E0_LOPR_Codes, Laws and Ordinances

Municipal Code 34.04.101 Civil Violations Establishment and Purpose

Municipal Codes Civil Violations 34.04.105

Municipal Code 34.12.600 Parks Offenses

8.1 E1_Park Rules Sign

8.1.1 E0_LOPR_Staff Liaison to Law Enforcement Officers

8.1.1 Excerpt from PARKS RULES re Enforcement

City Charter 34.04 Civil Violations

8.2 E0_LOPR_Authority to Enforce Laws by Law Enforcement Officers

8.3 E0_LOPR_Law Enforcement Officer Training

8.4 E0_LOPR_Public Information on Laws, Ordinances, Rules, Regulations and Policies

8.4 E1_Ranger Rule Cards, Commercial Photos Flyer

8.4.1 E0_LOPR_In Service Training for Staff on Public Safety and Law Enforcement

8.4.1 E1_ACC Staff Meeting Agenda May 25, 2022 (covering evacuation procedures)

8.4.1 E2_ACC Emergency Action Plan Expectations

8.4.1 E4_2022 Swim Park Staff Manual

8.4.1 E5_Swim Park Lifeguard In-Service Training Checklist

8.4.1 E6_Sample Swim Park Accident_Incident Report

8.4.1 E7_Park Ranger Training and Log

8.4.2 E0_LOPR_Handling of Disruptive Behavior Procedures

8.4.3 E0_LOPR_Traffic Control, Parking Plans and Crowd Control

8.4.3 E1_2022 4th of July Parade Operation Plan

8.4.3 E2_2022 NWTC Traffic Control Plan

8.4.3 E3_2022 Lake Run Operation Plan

8.4.3 E4_2022 Lake Run Traffic Plan and ODOT Permit

8.4.3 E5_2022 LOFM Traffic Map

8.4.3 E6_Excerpts from City EOP re Traffic and Crowd Control

8.4.4 E0_LOPR_Handling of Evidentiary Items Procedures

8.4.4 E1_LOPD_Policy 802_Property_and_Evidence

8.4.4 E2_Evidence Packaging Manual

8.5 E0_LOPR_Emergency Response Plan (General Security Plan)

8.5 LOPR ERP with DEST LINKS for 9.1.1

8.5 E1_LOPR_Division Emergency Plans

8.5 E2_LOPR_Opening_Closing Info

8.5 E3_LOPR_Key Lists

8.5 E4_LOPR_AED Inventory

8.5_E5_LOPR_Fire Extinguishers_Inventory_Contacts

8.6 E0_LOPR_City Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) - Table of Contents ONLY

8.6.B E1_Incident Command System Org Chart 081919

8.6 E2_ACC Disaster Recovery Plan 2010

8.6.1 E0_LOPR_In Service Training for Staff_Security_Emergency Management

8.6.1 E1_LOPR_ACC General Security Agenda & Action Plan

8.6.1 E2_LOPR_Training Completed for Emer Ops Center

8.6.1 E3_Incident Command System EOC Training Content 041222

8.6.1 E4_Incident Command System Training Attendance 041222

8.6.1.A E5_LOPR_EM Training Requirements_Course Info

8.6.2 E0_LOPR_Emergency Risk Communications Plan

8.6.2 E1_Except from City EOP_Emergency Risk Communications

8.6.2 E2_Excerpt_Section D. Crisis Communication Plan from 8.5 E0_LOPR_Emergency Response Plan

8.6.3 E0_LOPR_Care and Shelter Procedures

8.6.3 E1_Excerpt from EOP 3.3.6_Responsibilities for Mass Care

8.6.3 E2_Excerpt from ESF 6 Mass Care, 4.2 Shelters and Mass Care Facilities from 8.6 E0_LOPR_City of Lake Oswego Emergency Operations Plan