City of Lake Oswego Parks Referendum

The Lake Oswego City Council is considering a referendum asking voters to establish additional protections for our parks and natural spaces while preserving the City’s ability to adapt to the changing needs of our community and environment. 

We know residents value the high quality of life in Lake Oswego and that preserving access to the outdoors is integral to that. The proposed measure would provide for effective management of the City’s parks and natural spaces to protect water quality, wildlife habitat, aesthetic values, and ecological function, and allow for trails and pathways that ensure accessibility for all residents.

We are seeking feedback on:

  • Current protections for parks and natural spaces
  • ​Methods for public input in the upkeep and preservation of our parks and natural spaces
  • Ensuring equitable access to parks and natural spaces for all residents
  • Complementing the preservation of parks and natural spaces with priorities such as public safety, infrastructure, and livability

Public Engagement Process

The City hosted two community listening sessions, phone polling, community survey, and direct outreach to understand the community's priorities regarding our City's parks and natural spaces. Thank you to everyone to participated in the public outreach! 

The City Council will decide whether to move forward with a measure during the August 3 City Council meeting.