Find the Stewardship Gnomes in Nature!

Our Stewardship Gnomes migrated to warmer climes in Nov. to work on their tans!  They'll return to Lake Oswego's Parks natural areas in Spring 2019, so stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting 18 natural areas to look for Blossom, Greenie and Oak in Apr. - Oct., 2018.  These areas are an integral component of Lake Oswego's ecosystem and watershed. These natural areas provide habitat for native plants that serve as pollinators, water filters and prevent erosion.  Various birds (waterfowl, birds of prey, song birds, etc.) and animals ( beavers, otters, deer, etc.) call these areas home.  Thanks for sharing your discovery of the elusive giant salamander, turtles, frogs and various creatures!

Want more awesome outdoor experiences in these natural areas? Volunteer with Stewardship for a couple hours and give back to Mother Nature. We need your help to restore over 400 acres in the natural park areas. We supply training, tools, gloves, and a snack.  No experience needed, just a heart to help the natural areas!   For more information, visit




When our gnome hunting friends discovered one of our elusive gnomes, they used the hashtag #LOparksgnomes and posted a picture on social media.  Check  #LOparksgnomes to see our amazing gnome hunters that visited Lake OSwego Parks' natural areas.



Here are a few of the gnome hiding spots from 2018:



Luscher Farm (natural area)

Green Acres is the place to be, Farm livin' is the life for me. Land spreadin' out so far and wide, It’s time to find the gnomes in the country side! Walk past the old Luscher farm house to start your gnome hunt in the rolling hills. Follow the winding path through the oak trees and continue until you see the Lake Oswego winery. From Green Acres to Farm Livin’ to Gnomes Hiding in the natural areas in the country side, this gnome hunt has it all!

Location: 125 Rosemont Rd.


River Run Park

The gnomes are starting to pack their suitcases for their migration South in November. They decided to visit a favorite scenic natural park one last time before they hit the road, Jack!  Head to River Run Park to walk the trail along the banks above the Tualatin River in this tucked-away 7 acre natural park. Cross the wee gnome-sized bridge and follow the path toward the old orchard to look for our 3 friends in red pointy hats. Watch for bald eagles and osprey that soar above the river in this serene natural area.

Location: 19698 River Run Dr.


Springbrook Park

Calling all gnome hunters! The gnomes challenge you to find them in this 52-acre urban nature park! Over 2 miles of trails meander beneath canopies of big-leaf maple and red alder, through native plants, trees and wetlands which shelter trilliums, towhees and small wildlife. The hunt is on and the gnomes have ventured to all corners of this large park! This is the Grande Finale Gnome Hunt as our gnomes will migrate to warmer climates November 1st!

Location: 2899 Diane Dr.



Foothills Park Natural Area

These clever gnomes wanted a river view in Foothills Park. Watch osprey work the river for fish from the viewing platform over the river. Return to the paved path along the Willamette River and be on the alert! These mischievous gnomes keep well-hidden along this scenic natural area…the hunt is on!

Location: 199 Foothills Rd.

Parking:  199 Foothills Rd.


George Rogers Park

Get ready for an adventure! Don't miss the historic Iron Furnace near the Willamette River. Next, cross the footbridge over Oswego Creek and turn right. Our 3 gnomes discovered a gravel trail that meanders along Oswego Creek, winds through Maple trees and climbs over boulders covered in licorice ferns. Oh! There are so many places for a gnome to hide in this natural area!

Location: 611 State St.     

Parking: Lower parking lot by the Willamette River


Lamont Springs

Wander through this two acre natural forest oasis and listen to the sounds of birds singing and the stream. Our shy gnomes like the native ferns and snowberry bushes and often take naps under them. The gnomes may be hiding down low or up high...we can’t keep track of their zany antics in the woods!

Location: 4681 Lamont Way

Parking: Off Lamont Way


Maia Finds Greenie!
Gwen and Larry find Greenie
We Found Blossom!
Gwen and Larry find Blossom
Lauren Finds Oak!
Gwen and Larry find Oak