Find the Stewardship Gnomes in Nature!

Blossom, Greenie and Oak have upped their hiding game this year!  The 3 gnomes hide in 3 natural park areas each month. They will leave these 3 parks and hide in 3 new parks at the beginning of each month. Check this website monthly to learn where they are hiding...then, get out and find them! We hope you also discover winding trails, scenic vistas and unique characteristics in these natural areas.


Find a gnome! Snap a pic! Post #LOparkgnomes on social media! These gnomes love publicity!



These clever gnomes keep well-hidden in the natural area along this river path so look both high and low! Stroll the paved path above the Willamette River and watch osprey and bald eagles work the river for fish. Gnomes, osprey and bald eagles...the hunt is on!

Location: 199 Foothills Rd. 

Parking: Foothills Park



Put on your gnome finding goggles and explore 51 wooded acres in this diverse natural area.  2 miles of trails wind above the Oswego Hunt Club  up to a scenic view point.  Keep your eyes open for deer, beaver and red tail hawks as you also hunt for the gnomes!

Location: 2213 Iron Mountain Blvd.,  DO NOT USE THIS ADDRESS!

Parking: Take Twin Fir Rd to Brookside Rd.  Follow graveled Brookside Rd to the Brookside Trail Head.  The trail head is behind Oswego Hunt Club. 



The gnomes challenge you to find them in this 7-acre nature park that is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the City. As you wander the trails, keep your eyes open for trilliums, towhees and small wildlife, as well as for our pals in the 3 red pointy hats.

Location: 6200 Pamela St

Parking: Off of SW Pamela St. or SW 61st St.