Find the Stewardship Gnomes in Nature!

The 3 wily Stewardship gnomes have migrated to warmer climates to sunbathe in their red, pointy hats.  The gnomes will return to hide in Lake Oswego parks on April 1, 2021! 

Blossom, Greenie and Oak invite you to explore over 460 acres of natural park areas this winter. They wonder how many species of birds, animals and plants you can find?

Want to learn what you can discover? Check out our "Wildlife in Lake Oswego's Natural Areas" webpage. This interactive page has sounds, games and fascinating information about birds, animals and plants found in the parks' natural areas. 



Check out the gnomes bios and learn a little something about the natural habitats in Lake Oswego's wonderful parks: Check out the Gnome Bios!

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