Find the Stewardship Gnomes in Nature!

The Great Gnome Hunt ends Oct. 31!  On Nov. 1st, the gnomes migrate to the tropics and will return Apr. 1st, 2020! Time is now ticking to find the gnomes hiding in 3 park natural areas.

Discover incredible winding trails, tranquil forests and scenic vistas as you look for the gnomes. Snap a pic and post your discovery on Instagram or Facebook! Happy hunting!



The gnomes found 3 new parks to hide in and challenge you to find them. Get out and Get Gnomin'!


Bryant Woods Nature Park

The gnomes spread out in this 17 acre nature park! Maybe a gnome is peeking out from a rambling wooded trail, or hopping on the rock stepping stones that meander up a slope....or napping near the main trail by the stream.  We can't keep track of their wily antics!

Location: 4300 Childs Rd.  


Lily Bay Natural Area

Shhh! If you're very quiet, you may see a beaver, turtle or wood duck residing in hidden Lily Bay. The gnomes are close to the path, so tiptoe as you look for gnomes and wildlife in this tiny jewel of an ecosystem.

Location: Trail marker is at the sharp corner near end of Diamond Head Rd. (North Shore Rd. turns into Diamond Head Rd.)


Springbrook Park

This is the ultimate gnome hunt as this park boasts 50 natural acres of woods and nearly 3 miles of scenic trails! Get ready, get set, get "gnomin"!

Location: 2500 Wembley Park Rd.  (Address is for Uplands Elem. School. The park kiosk is behind the Uplands Elem. School playground. )       



















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