Find the Stewardship Gnomes in Nature!

The October Gnome Hunt has begun! The 3 wily gnomes challenge you to find them. Hurry out to the parks listed on this link (READ MORE) as the 31 day Gnome Clock is ticking! The 3 gnomes migrate Nov. 1 and return Apr. 1!

If you find one of the elusive gnomes, say CHEESE and take a pic with the gnome (they love publicity!)

Use hashtag #LOparksgnomes and post a GNOME picture on social media!


Foothills Park Natural Area

These 3 clever gnomes want a river view! Stroll the paved path above the Willamette River and watch osprey work the river for fish as you hunt for the gnomes. These clever gnomes keep well-hidden along this winding river path…the hunt is on!

Location: 199 Foothills Rd., Lake Oswego

Iron Mt. Park

Our 3 friends in red pointy hats invite you to find them in this large park. Allow time to explore 2 miles of trails that showcase flora and fauna. Wave hello to the horses at the Hunt Club as you start your adventure from the Brookside Trailhead!

Location: Brookside Trailhead is behind the Oswego Hunt Club. Take Twin Fir Rd. to Brookside Rd., Lake Oswego

Southwood Park

Who knows where the 3 gnomes are hiding in Southwood Park? Come explore this slice of nature tucked between two neighborhoods. If these mischievous gnomes aren’t off chasing rainbows, they can be seen peeking out from native trees in this natural area.  

Location:  6200 Pamela St., Lake Oswego



Check out the gnomes bios and learn a little something about the natural habitats in Lake Oswego's wonderful parks: Check out the Gnome Bios!

Southwood Park
6200 Pamela St. near the Mormon Temple
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
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