George Rogers Park Lower Picnic Shelter Replacement

February 13, 2024 Update

Thanks to the 2019 bond dollars, our project team has been busy overseeing the replacement of one of our most popular shelters for rentals, summer camps, and community gatherings. The newly reopened shelter features 780 square feet of covered area, a new pathway connecting the parking lot to the shelter, a basalt boulder seating area, and accessible picnic tables. 



Why replace the lower picnic shelter at George Rogers Park?

The lower picnic shelter at George Rogers Park was originally constructed in 1976. It is built from heavy timber columns with a cedar shake roof, and has a fixed concrete grilling area in the center of the structure. An analysis of the structure from 2002 revealed significant dry rot at the base of 3 out of the 4 timber columns, aging and wear to the cedar shakes, and misalignment with several of the concrete slabs. The analysis also noted that there is no direct connection between the shelter's concrete slab and the adjacent concrete path. Access from the path to the picnic shelter requires crossing grass and dirt and may be difficult to negotiate for people with limited mobility. In addition, the existing shelter does not provide significant weather protection during rain events due to its configuration.

The lower picnic shelter at George Rogers Park is one of the most popular community shelter rentals, and is frequently used by City summer camps and events as well. Replacing park structures that are outdated, in disrepair, or otherwise not functioning well was identified as a high priority for investment during the public outreach process leading up to the Parks Bond that Lake Oswego voters passed in 2019. Given the high level of rot in the structural beams, as well as its popularity for use as a rental, the lower George Rogers Park picnic shelter was included in the projects to be funded by the 2019 Parks Bond.

What will the new picnic shelter look like?

The new picnic shelter is a pre-engineered 28' x 28' structure, offering 780 square feet of covered area and improved protection from rain and wind. It is constructed with open-knee wooden arches, wood paneling details for the roof deck, and a black metal roof. A new 32' x 32' concrete pad will also be constructed to improve accessibility. In addition, a new compacted gravel pathway will connect the parking area to the shelter, and compacted gravel seating area with squared basalt boulder seats and barbeques will be added on the east side of the new shelter.

When will the new picnic shelter be open for use?

The shelter is now open, and reservations will be available starting February 1, 2024.

Construction of the shelter showing excavation.
Construction detail of the roof and trusses.
George Rogers Park
611 S State Street
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
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