The Gnome Hunt is Back!

Blossom, Greenie and Oak MOVE to 3 different natural park areas THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH!  

* Find 3 gnomes in 3 new natural park areas monthly from Apr. to Oct.

* Take a photo of you, your dog or anything else by a gnome!

* Post your gnome photos on social media at #LOparksgnomes

* #LOparksgnomes photos go in a contest to win a gnome in Oct!


SEPTEMBER GNOME HUNT (See Map in Attachments)

COOKS BUTTE PARK   (18600 Shirley Dr. – You'll see Stevens Meadow. Take the paved path above it to the end. Head into the woods.)

This 42 acre natural park is home to deer, owls, and rabbits. Be ready to head UP...the gnomes are on a Butte!

1. Enter the woods. At the “Y”, take the LOWER trail above a meadow, through Fir and Maple trees. Blossom's peeking from a tree, looking for White Tail Deer.

2. Follow the trail. Take a RIGHT at the “Y”.  Get ready to go UP!  Greenie and a Barn Owl will cheer you from a Maple tree that arches over the trail.

3. Continue UP the trail. At the next “Y”, take a sharp RIGHT. The trail veers UP, then you head DOWN! Oak is hiding on a tree stump, counting Flickers.


LILY BAY NATURAL AREA (Off Diamond Head Rd. - the trail marker is near the sharp corner)

This .5 acre hidden oasis is full of wild life.  Look for a trail marker and go into the woods.

1. Shhh! If you’re quiet, you may see Otter or Beaver in Lily Bay.  Blossom is hiding on a Douglas Fir tree, talking to Chipmunks.

2.  This area is part of Iron Mountain. Count the Basalt boulders near the trail. Greenie wants to be a “Rock" Star...just sayin'!

3.  Oak spotted Osprey and Bald Eagles diving for fish where Lily Bay flows into Oswego Lake.


WEST WALUGA PARK (15775 Waluga Dr.)

This 29 acre mixed use park hosts natural areas with paved and soft trails as well as a playground, a dog park and work out stations.

1. Follow the paved path toward the playground. Blossom is hugging a Maple tree across from 2 large alligators…tread lightly!

2.  Pass by the fenced dog park. At the “tail” of the dog park, Greenie found a sideways tree trunk to lay on to count Swallowtail Butterflies.

3. Follow the shaded path past the dog park. The hunt is on for a large Ash tree that split into two trees. Oak is waiting for you!





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