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The Gnome Hunt is Back!

Blossom, Greenie and Oak MOVE to 3 different natural park areas EACH MONTH!  Discover winding trails, scenic vistas and footbridges as you search for gnomes.

* Find 3 gnomes in 3 new natural park areas monthly from Apr. to Oct.

* Take a photo of you, your dog or anything else by a gnome!

* Post your gnome photos on social media at #LOparksgnomes

* #LOparksgnomes photos go in a contest to win a gnome in Oct!



JUNE GNOME HUNT (See Map in Related Links/Attachments)


EAST WALUGA PARK   (15505 Quarry Rd.)

This 24.7 acre mixed use park offers miles of trails. Listen for the Northern Flicker!

1. Hunt for the forest trail behind the ball field fence. Blossom is hiding in the natural area near native Salal.

2. Hike up to the quarry and admire tall native Big Leaf Maple trees. Greenie likes to watch Mountain Bikers do the jumps!

3. Stroll the main forest trail and watch for Oak, who is counting Swallowtail butterflies near Maple trees.

LUSCHER FARM   (125 Rosemont Rd.)

Relax in the country as you explore this 41.7 acre park with paved and natural surface paths, rolling fields and agriculture.

1.  From historic Luscher farmhouse, stroll the paved path by Rosemont Rd. Blossom is on a tree near a stone bench by a meadow!

2.  Follow the winding path through scenic rolling fields. Greenie's near the old apple orchard where White Tail deer graze!

3.  Zig Zag up the path thru native White Oak trees and look for Great Horned Owls. Of course, Oak likes to hide by Oak trees!

SOUTHWOOD PARK ( 6200 Pamela St.)

Discover a hidden oasis! This 2.5 natural park is host to Towhees and raccoons.

1. Weave through the forest on winding trails. Keep an eye out for cyclist in the woods! Blossom is hiding on a native Douglas Fir tree.

2.  Meander along a paved trail near a babbling creek. Greenie is watching for Barn Owls along this serene trail. 

3. Oak is hiding near native Ocean Spray at the edge of a large grassy area.


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