Gnome Hunt Clues: MAY

Blossom, Greenie and Oak MOVE THE 1st OF EACH MONTH to 3 new parks!  

* Find 3 gnomes hiding in different natural park areas from Apr. to Oct.

* Take a photo of you, your dog or anything else by a gnome!

* Post your gnome photos on social media at #LOparksgnomes

* #LOparksgnomes photos go in a contest to win a gnome in Oct!

Blossom, Greenie and Oak MOVE THE 1st OF EACH MONTH to 3 new parks!  

MAY GNOME HUNT (See Map in Attachments)

This 10 acre park has trails by the Willamette River and along the
edge of the meadow area.

1. Blossom is peeking out from a Cottonwood tree as she gazes at
Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies near the Veterans Memorial.

2. Stroll the paved trail under the cantilevered viewing platform and watch
osprey work the river for fish. Greenie is hiding in a Red Flowering Currant
bush near the Stafford Stones (Basalt columns etched with poetry).

3. Oak has gone rogue! Take the mown grass path on the edge of the
natural meadow. Oak is counting Spotted Towhees from his tree near the bocce ball court.

IRON MT. PARK (2401 Iron Mt. Blvd.)
Explore 3 miles of trails in this 53 + acre natural park with wetlands, a pond, historic
signage and a nature play area.

1. Cross the footbridge and go Left on the lower trail. Blossom is near a Pacific
Madrone tree, watching Blue Heron and American Beaver in the pond.

2. This lower forest trail winds offers views of historic Oswego
Hunt Club and its fields. Greenie is perched on a Douglas Fir tree shaped
like a “C”, hoping to spot a Black Capped Chickadee.

3. Oak likes to gaze at Red-tailed  Hawks that soar over the fields. He’s found a
cool, shaded spot near 7 Big Leaf Maple trees and some Sword Ferns.

SOUTHWOOD PARK (6200 Pamela St.)

Discover a hidden oasis! This 2.5 natural park is host to Black-Tail Deer and Spotted Towhees.

1. Weave through the forest on circuitous trails and watch for mountain bike cyclist enjoying the trails!  Blossom is hiding on a Douglas Fir tree.

2. Meander along a paved trail long a babbling creek. Greenie is watching for Barred Owls along this serene trail.

3. Oak is peeking out of a Western Cedar tree on the edge of a large grassy area. Maybe he’ll see Black Tail Deer amber by in the wee hours!


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