The Gnomes in Nature Hunt Ends Oct. 31!

The 3 Gnomes hide in 3 new natural park areas Apr - Oct. Hunt for the Gnomes but leave them for others to discover!  

September 2022 Parks   (See Map in Related Links/Attachments) 

BRYANT WOODS NATURE PARK     (4163 Childs Rd.)

This 17 acre natural area has native species Oregon Grape and Nootka Rose. Listen for the Barred Owl.

1. Take the large main trail. Go Left across the boardwalk and follow the trail.  Blossom’s counting banana slugs on a Big Leaf Maple tree with 3 trunks!

2. Continue on the trail as it loops thru the  woods to spy Greenie on a Big Leaf Maple tree with 2 trunks. Continue along to the main trail.

3. Go Left. Follow the main trail along the Oswego Canal. The trail curves to the Left and leads into the woods. At the “Y”, go straight. Oak’s with a Townsend Chipmunk in a Douglas Fir tree.  

FREEPONS PARK     (1399 Bickner St.)

This 6 acre neighborhood park is an oasis for birds, animals and the community!

1. Pass the Wishing Tree and make a Wish! Go straight on the paved trail. Turn Right on the gravel trail into the woods. At the “Y”, go Right up the hill. Blossom's on a Douglas Fir tree where Douglas Squirrels live!

2. Go back down the trail. At the “Y”, head Right and go up the hill. At the next “Y”, take a Left. Greenie is on a Douglas Fir tree that splits into 2 trees.

3. Scamper down to the paved trail and go Right. At the Lil’ Library, take a Left. Cross  2 footbridges over a creek. Oak’s on an Oregon Ash tree near a large rock.

GEORGE ROGERS PARK     (611 State St.) Park near the lower parking lot by Willamette River area.

This 26 acre park has sport fields, a playground, a historic structure and extends along the Willamette River. Look for Bald Eagles!

1. Cross the foot bridge over Oswego Creek and turn Right. Pass by Cedar trees near Sword Ferns. Blossom’s on a Maple tree near a small natural spring.

2.  Enjoy the shade of Big Leaf Maple trees. Greenie’s on a moss covered bench to count Boxelder Bugs.. Listen to Oswego Creek dance over the rocks.

3. Continue on the trail and go under a tall, arched bridge. Oak’s hiding on a Big Leaf Maple tree to ponder where that giant boulder came from. 

October 2022 Parks & Clues     (See Map & Clues in Related Links/Attachments) 

Lily Bay Natural Area
Luscher Farm (along the Rosemont/Staford Trail)
Springbrook Park