Greenie the Stewardship Gnome!

A group of gnomes is called a Dowsy. Find all 3 gnomes and you'll have a Dowsy!

A male gnome is 6" tall and weighs 11 oz.  A female gnome is 5" tall and weighs 9 oz.


Greenie wants to share some favorite things with you!

Movie Pick Happy Feet
Dream Dinner Acorn Omelettes & Mt. Dew
Favorite Native Species Pacific Dogwood & Licorice Fern
Last Book Read "The Secrets of Gnomes"  by Wil Huygen
Top Sport Leap Frog
Recently Seen Native Birds Northern Flicker & Red-Tailed Hawk
Red Hat Hobby Planting Native Species


Have fun seeking out Greenie in a Natural Area today! #loparksgnomes

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