Habitat Enhancement Program

About the Habitat Enhancement Program

The Habitat Enhancement Program (HEP) fosters partnerships between qualified organizations and private land owners to improve the water quality of our stream and educate citizens about our watersheds. Watershed Councils may apply for grants that meet the following criteria.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is June 15, 2020.  The application period is open for the 2020-21 cycle.

Grant Criteria for the Cycle

  1.  Improvement of riparian habitat and/or upland areas adjacent to riparian habitats that:
  • Increase short-term shade
  • Promote long-term shade via control of invasive plants and riparian revegetation that furthers forest successional processes.
  • Improves instream conditions in a manner that increases channel stability, mitigates impacts of urban runoff, and/or increases effective baseflow.
  1. Expansion or enhancement of wildlife corridors, open space, or sensitive lands (as designated by the City on LO Maps).
  2. Support of the City’s TMDL Implementation Plan, MS4 Permit requirements, or Parks and Recreation Master Plans
  3. Supports endangered species habitat or removes invasive species (plant or animal).
  4. Provides long-term maintenance and protection.
  5. Includes opportunities for community involvement and education.
  6. Leverages funds with other grants wherever possible (e.g., available through the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Metro, or other non-profits).
  7. Provides safe for working conditions.


Contact Information

Megan Big John, Parks Manager
Parks and Natural Areas

Phone: 503-534-5436
Email: mbigjohn@lakeoswego.city