Inclusion Support and Specialized Recreation Programs

LOPR Inclusion Policy
Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation promotes inclusion and equity to enhance the quality of life for our residents, including those who may experience disabilities or specific needs. LOPR staff are committed to making all reasonable efforts to ensure that its facilities, programs and services are accessible to and usable by everyone.  If you or your child require accommodations to participate in LOPR programs, please contact Recreation Supervisor Cydny Fletcher, to discuss how we can best support you. Inclusion support services are available with advanced notice. Some requests may take up to two weeks to secure. Please note that inclusion services like inclusion support personnel are provided to Lake Oswego residents only, however, reasonable accommodation request can be made by anyone utilizing City facilities, parks and activities.  For an accommodation request outside of LOPR programs, please visit our ADA Accommodation Request page here.

Youth Inclusion Services
We recognize that some youth require additional support in order to participate fully in recreational activities. Through the Inclusion Services Program, parents and/or guardians work with the Recreation Supervisor to create a plan to support the youth’s individual needs. This process will be unique to each participant and we look forward to working collaboratively to support every child. To request accommodations, please call 503-697-6589 or email with at least 2 weeks notice in order to secure appropriate support. 

What to Expect
Youth Programs are considered recreation camps, afterschool programs, classes and activities, not dedicated therapeutic environments. Through Inclusion Services, we work to provide activity modifications, environmental supports and extra staff as needed. Staff are not permitted to provide physical support for bathroom breaks, eating or drinking, distribution of medication or lifting/carrying of participants. Should your child need additional support not provided by LOPR, personal support workers are welcome with advanced notice and a standard background check. During the request process, be prepared to provide information on the specific accommodations you are requesting as well as support strategies, behavioral insights and general information regarding your child's interests and experiences in previous activities. Not all participants require one-on-one accommodations and we will work with you to determine the appropriate level of support for each activity.  Decision-making is based on the safety and health of all participants and staff and will be at the discretion of the Program Supervisor and instructors.

Adaptive Recreation/Adult Services
For adults who require accommodations, the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center (LOACC) can determine how to best support and serve through access, support and resources. LOPR also provides programs specifically designed for community members experiencing a wide variety of disabilities in addition to our Inclusion Support Program. LOPR partners with providers such as Every Body Athletics and Adventures without Limits as well as blended instructor-led classes. 

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