Information for LO Youth Sports Organizations

All athletic fields are currently open, weather pending (Elementary, Jr. HIgh and City athletic fields).  

The Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation department permits all the Parks, Elementary and Jr. High School athletic fields for use by youth sports organizations.  Information on this page pertains to organization's use of these fields.  To reserve/permit high school fields or LOSD indoor facilities contact Community Schools at 503-534-2109.

Field Status

An email subscription is now in place to send field status updates to approved organizations using athletic fields.  Updates will notify you of the playing conditions being playable, questionable or closed. The email is sent each weekday by 2 p.m.  Managers/coaches must use their best judgment regarding playing conditions on weekends, unless Parks & Recreation decides to close the fields for the weekend on Friday afternoon. If the field is too wet, managers accept responsibility for increased injuries and damage to the fields (which may prevent future use).

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Field Lights

Lighted fields include East Waluga Park, George Rogers Park, Hazelia Field at Luscher Farm, Lake Oswego Jr. High, Lakeridge Middle School and Westlake Park.  Each organization has a MUSCO User Code & Password.  To reach MUSCO call (877) 347-3319.  Lights are scheduled to come on 30 minutes before sunset.  If you need them earlier you can call MUSCO and ask to have them turned on.  We request that any groups that ends earlier than the scheduled shut off time or does not plan to use a field for a night you are scheduled to call MUSCO and have the lights turned off. 

Field Maintenance

Questions about field maintenance (prep, lining, what fields we cover and areas of responsibility) should be sent to our Athletic Field Maintenance email at  

Jean can help you with field scheduling, permits, camps, tournaments, etc.


The following task checklist is intended to help maintain playable conditions for all users. The steps listed here are to be performed on the ballfields before and after all practices and games.  This manual includes tips for ballfields and natural turf grass fields such as field availability, water removal, grooming, lining, etc.  

Field Projects - 

River Grove Elementary:  Athletic field will be closed June 13 - December 31

Lakeridge Middle School:   The new turf field project installation has been delayed. All fields will be open through the summer. 

Organization Requirements


All sports organizations utilizing the fields on a seasonal basis are required to provide a Certificate of Liability with the following requirements:

  • a minimum of $2 million per occurrence
  • a minimum of $3 million aggregate
  • Medical payment coverage at $5000 as a minimum
  • Participant Accident coverage generally at $25000
  • Name the City of Lake Oswego as the Certificate Holder and additional insured
  • Provide an Endorsement Page naming the City of Lake Oswego as the endorsed party

Current expiration dates:

  • i9 Sports - 9/1/22
  • LRYF - 4/9/22
  • LOGS Little League - 1/1/23
  • LO Renegades - 1/1/23
  • LOJBO - 2/15/23
  • LOLL - 1/1/23 
  • LOSC - 9/1/22
  • LOYF - 8/1/20 - expired
  • LOYL - 1/1/23
  • PYB - 2/1/23 

Field Use Fees

All local youth sports organizations will pay an hourly rental fee per field, with or without lights, in 2022 of $10/hour and $12/hour with lights.  Rosters are still required and organizations still need to submit registration numbers by division each season.  All local youth sports organizations will pay a $30/hr or $40/hr with lights field rental fee to reserve fields for camps, clinics and tournaments.

Annual Fields Use Meeting

All organizations are required to attend the Annual Field Use Meeting in January of each year where we discuss shared use and maintenance of fields (parks, elementary & Jr. High fields).  The meeting for 2022 has been cancelled.  We will be sending out an email with all the information you would have received at the meeting.

Game Schedules

Youth organizations are required to submit game schedules to the Parks & Recreation department.  Schedules are submitted on a seasonal basis for each venue permitted through the P&R department (all parks, elementary and jr. high school fields).

Registration numbers & Rosters

Youth Organizations are required to submit registration numbers at the close of each season's registration.  Numbers should be broken down by division, age group, etc.  At the close of registration organizations also need to submit rosters that include player name, address, City, zip and school attending.  It can be one entire list but preferably broken down by team.


Contact Information

Field Reservations & Permits:  Jean Ostrander - 503-675-3901 or

Athletic Field Maintenance Questions:

On-site field/light issues:  Park Rangers, Ben Labounty - 971-563-8059 (W-Su); Taylor Rethmeier - 503-726-6036 (M-F)