Introducing Greenie!

Greenie is all A-BUZZ with BEE jokes for you!

Why do horses like to live near Bees? So they can be neigh-Buzz!

What sport do Bees like the most? Rug-Bee

Why do Bees have sticky hair? Because they use Honey-combs!


Greenie's Fave Things:

Movie Pick Akeelah and the Bee
Dream Dessert Honey Comb & Woodland Strawberries
Favorite Native Species Orange Honey - suckle Vine
Last Book Read Buzz by Thor Hanson
Top Sport Playing Ultimate Fris-Bee

Recently Seen Native Birds

Western Tanager & American Robin

Red Hat Hobby  Building Mason Bee Houses


Explore a Natural Area park and look for Greenie today! #loparksgnomes

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