Iron Mountain Park is OPEN


Iron Mountain Park is OPEN. Iron Mountain Park is an approximately 51-acre park located in the center of the City of Lake Oswego. Iron Mountain Park is larger than a local neighborhood park and integrates natural and developed features. The Iron Mountain Master Plan, Resolution 17-42 was adopted by the City Council July 18, 2017.  

The Iron Mountain Park Project embodies the goals and vision of Parks Plan 2025 and three years of extensive community-focused outreach from the Iron Mountain Master Plan (2017). Improvements to the site will allow for increased opportunity for nature play, enhanced park access, and preservation of the cultural and ecological history.  Developments will include:

  • Erosion and sediment control, relocation of stream and enhancement of both stream and wetlands;
  • Removal of trees, re-grading on the site and storm water management enhancement;
  • Installation of trees, shrubs, groundcovers, seed mixes, bark mulch, logs, boulders, permanent and temporary irrigation; and
  • Compacted pathways, parking lot, play area, restroom and picnic shelter.

Planning Process Outcomes

The Iron Mountain Park planning process resulted in several deliverables to move forward with developing, restoring and managing the site. Some aspects of the plan and planning process were:

  • Conceptual site design, featuring amenities consistent with Parks Plan 2025 recommendations and design guidelines for Citywide, Integrated Hybrid Character parks (App. K - PP2025).
  • A public engagement program which provided ample opportunities for the community to invest in the future concept of the site. Outreach events were both real time and online.
  • A professional design team translated community input into a high quality professional park design that is uniquely Lake Oswego.

Additionally, the Department worked with highly qualified resource professionals to develop stream and wetland restoration plans. The plans addressed the degraded resources onsite and provided the City with a strategy to restore these resources and their function within our areas watershed. Aspects of this process were:

  • Delineation of resources (Wetlands, Stream Corridors and Tree Groves) according to Department of State Lands and City of Lake Oswego requirements. (COMPLETED)
  • Restoration plan for stream and wetland resources.

Past Public Outreach Events and Planning Advisory Meeting Information can be found on the Iron Mountain Park Planning Project Background website.


Project Updates: 

April 28, 2021: 

February 24, 2021: Iron Mountain Park is open to the public.

January 2021: Final details are being completed and the park will be open shortly.

December 2020: The parking lot, restrooms, picnic shelter and nature play area are completed and the park sign has been installed. The park is scheduled for completion in the next couple of weeks. We intend to have a soft opening this winter to allow the public to access the site, and then a grand opening in the spring.

September 2020: Iron Mountain Park bridge over the stream has been completed. Parts of the Nature Play are being installed including the slide and sand table. Irrigation is in place and planting has started. On schedule for park completion late fall 2020.

July 2020: The stream has been relocated and the old channel will be filled soon. The stream has started receive water from the original site. Environmental scientists have visited the park to help relocate newts from the channel into the wetland. The site is being graded and the parking lot is being built. The project is on schedule and expected to be completed late fall. 

May 2020: Park construction has begun. Once tree protection for “trees to remain” is installed and the erosion control is in place, tree removal will begin, most likely next week. The park will be closed during construction. This is an active construction site with many hazards and all contractors and City Staff are required to wear hard hats, reflective vests and safety glasses when on site. In addition, COVID-19 protocols are in place, anyone entering the site must sign in and have their temperature checked before entering.

Iron Mountain Park
2401 Iron Mountain Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Project Details
WO 261
Project Contact: 

Bruce Powers, RLA 
Park Analyst / Project Manager
Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation
17525 Stafford Road
P.O. Box 369
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Phone: 503-697-6575

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