Lake Oswego Municipal Golf Course Feasibility Study

In 2017 City Council adopted a goal to decide the future of the Municipal Golf Course.

The Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Advisory Board adopted a 2017 goal to evaluate the golf course’s operating performance, and identify and implement a set of improvement measures and study the long term potential of the course property considering comprehensive alternatives to maximize its value to the City.

On July 18, 2017, City Council held a work session to discuss the future of the Golf Course. During the discussion the Parks and Recreation Department was given the following direction in regard to the Golf Course;

1. Keep the golf course a golf course, examine ways to improve the playing experience and the operational performance of the course, examine the feasibility of creating a 9-hole executive or 12-hole hybrid course.

2. Examine the feasibility of creating a permanent home for Parks and Recreation offices and programming space on the golf course property.

3. Examine the feasibility of capitalizing (selling) portion(s) of the property for residential development and re-investing in the improvement of the course and construction of a permanent home for Parks and Recreation.


Next Steps;

1. The Parks and Recreation Department will complete a Feasibility Study utilizing architects and consultants specializing in golf course design, recreation facilities, and residential development.

2. Work sessions with the Parks, Recreation and Natural Resource Advisory Board (tentatively October) and City Council (tentatively November) will be conducted to discuss and examine the results of the Feasibility Study. The feasibility study will look at physical space planning, capital costs, and operation strategies.

3. The Feasibility Study may include multiple options.


For further information regarding the Golf Course Feasibility Study please contact Ivan Anderholm, Parks and Recreation Director at or (503)675-2549.