LOPR Annual Facts

The Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department (LOPR), operates one of the most active parks and recreation systems of its size in the Portland metro area.

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Did you know?

  • 1935 - Resolution 1935-11-19, City Council added Section 236 to the City Charter allowing the City to procure funds to operate, maintain and improve the Oswego Children’s Recreational Lots (tot lots) through imposing an annual tax levy.
  • 1944 - Resolution 1944-10-03, the City Charter was amended to add Section 238 allowing the City to acquire land and funds for a public park.
  • 1953 – Resolution 1953-04-21, the City arranged with the Oswego School District to acquire 7 acres to increase the Oswego Children’s Recreational Lots. This 7 acres had an athletic field and extra land for future picnicking and playground area. The land is situated where the Willamette River and Oswego Creek conjoin. This park is George Rogers Park.
  • 1955 – Resolution 1955-07-01, the City created an employee classification and salary rate for the first Park Department Groundskeeper.
  • 1961 – Resolution 61-23, identified Caretaker I and II, a contracted Recreation Superintendent, lifeguards and a janitor.
  • 1965 – the first recreation professional was hired by the City.
  • 1967 - Resolution 67-323, the "Recreation" Department was funded for personnel and materials and added as a separate entity to the Park Department fund. That same year, $100,000 was also added to the fund for acquisition of park property and improvements. Since then, the City of Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department (LOPR) has grown in scope, personnel and budget.