Meet Oak!

Oak has gone NUTS with Squirrel jokes for you!

Which ballet do Squirrels like best? The NUT - cracker

Where do Squirrels go on vacation? To the BEECH trees

Why don't Squirrels have many friends? Because they drive everyone NUTS!


Oak is hiding in the woods but wants to share his top picks with you...

Movie Pick Ice Age (Scrat the Squirrel is Nuts!)
Favorite Native Species  Douglas Fir (Pinecones & pine Nuts!)
Last Book Read The Secret Life of Squirrels by Nancy Rose
Top Sport Everything! Squirrels are sports Nuts!
Recently Seen Native Birds White Breasted Nut-hatch & Brown Creeper
Red Hat Hobby Oak is Nuts about restoring the natural habitat


See if you can spot Oak in the wild today! #loparksgnomes

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