Municipal Golf Course Renovation

The Lake Oswego Golf Course is located on 40 acres just north of the intersection of Stafford Road and Overlook Drive. A small wetlands area is delineated at the northern edge of the property. The course was originally opened in 1964 and included a small clubhouse and the driving range. The original clubhouse was replaced in 1992.

The Golf Course renovation includes design and construction of a 9-hole Executive Golf Course in Lake Oswego to replace the existing 18-hole Par 3 golf course located at 17525 Stafford Road in Lake Oswego. Key elements of the project include:

  • Design and construction of a 9-hole Executive Golf Course
  • Renovation of the existing driving range
  • Design and construction of a new related golf course maintenance facility

The Recreation and Aquatics Center project will also coincide with the Golf Course renovation.

Latest Developments

The Land Use Application is now complete, and is currently in the review process.. The link to the application is on the right under Links.


PARKS & RECREATION FRONT DESK is now located at the Adult Community Center, 505 G Ave, LO. Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm.



What's next

The design is evolving. Final design is expected to be completed by Spring 2022.  We’ll give the community updates and ask for more feedback as we make progress on the design. 

When we’re done, we’ll submit documents and drawings for permitting, bidding, and then construction. Construction is expected to begin early 2023.

Online Open House

Visit our online open house for the Lake Oswego Municipal Golf Course!  The city is designing an improved golf course, driving range, and maintenance building. Learn about the proposed design and tell us what you think!

Project Updates: 

June 2022: The Land Use Application is now complete. The link to the application is on the right under Links.

March 2022: Land Use Submittal under revision based on letter of incomplete from planning. Proceeding with 50%, CD’s and cost estimate. 

January 2022: The Land Use Application has been submitted to the City's Planning Department for review. 

December 2021: A virtual community meeting for the City of Lake Oswego Municipal Golf Course Renovation project was held on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. Community members heard about project progress and had an opportunity to provide comment or ask questions about updated design concepts for the 9-hole executive course, driving range, and maintenance building.

November 2021: The Golf Course TAC Meeting 2 was held on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Additional TAC members were added, and future TAC meetings will be scheduled.

August 2021: Neighborhood Meeting Video is posted in the Notices section on the right side.

July 2021: Neighborhood Meeting will be held Tuesday, August 3 - 6pm at the Golf Club House, 17525 Stafford Rd, Lake Oswego. The project team are in the process of preparing the Land Use Application with the goal of being able to start construction on the Maintenance Facility in late winter.

June 2021: Online Open House is now live! Learn about the proposed design and tell us what you think!

May 2021: Watch for the date of the Online Open House for this project which is scheduled to launch in mid-June.  The Preliminary Golf Course layout is complete and can be viewed in the attachments on the right side under Other Materials. There will be opportunities to give feedback and comment at the upcoming Community Outreach meetings, and you can also send your comments online

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has been formed and will hold their first meeting soon.

February 2021: Project under contract and kick off meeting has been held. The Golf Course, Maintenance Building, and renovation of the Driving Range are in the design phase.

January 2021: This project is in contract negotiations.

Development Review Type: 
Development Review Commission
LO Golf Course
17525 Stafford Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Project Details
WO 306
Project Contact: 

Bruce Powers, RLA 
Park Analyst / Project Manager
Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation
P.O. Box 369
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Phone: 503-697-6575

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