Parks Open Space Storm Cleanup

The Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation maintenance staff cares for over 600 acres of Parks properties at over 36 different sites. Of the 600 plus acres, approximately 460 are natural or open space areas. This space contains a range of protected habitats that are home to native plant species and wildlife. The department works closely with the Lake Oswego Fire Department and other wildfire experts to evaluate the City’s open spaces and mitigate hazards.

The February 2021 ice storm brought significant damage to the City’s park natural areas and open spaces, including downed trees, broken limbs and increased ground debris. Staff, together with contractors and volunteers, have been working continuously on cleanup efforts in order to keep the parks open, safe for the public, and to reduce fire concerns. Based on site visits and recommendations, the City has focused on the tasks outlined below to reduce fire risk:

  • Creating safer spaces with a focus on higher risk human interface areas such as trails and property boundaries.
  • Working to reduce debris accumulation 20 feet on each side of natural area trails and around park property boundaries.
  • Continued the removal of invasive ivy, clematis and blackberries for the health of the trees and the reduction of ladder fuels.
  • With help of the Fire Department, provide education to the public on maintaining fire safe space buffers around their homes. 

The City utilizes the existing Lake Oswego Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan and Clackamas County Wildfire Protection Plan to prioritize areas to focus resources.

Would you like to help with our efforts?  Please contact Stewardship or visit our Parks Stewardship webpage for upcoming work parties.

Protecting Your Home

There are a few steps you can take to help prevent fires from starting near or spreading to your home. For helpful tips, visit our Wildfire Risk Prevention webpage.