Pathways and Pedestrian Safety Tips

Lake Oswego boasts many beautiful pathways.  Following the Rules of the Road and Safety Tips can help make the outdoor experience better for all users.

Rules of the Road

  • Keep pathways clear - When you're in a group or with a pet, only use half the pathway. Keep the flow open for other users.
  • Be predictable - Sudden changes in direction or position on the pathway cause accidents. Glance behind you before changing position on the pathways.
  • Bikers and skaters should always use safe speeds - The pathways are not for racing. Slow to 5 mph in congested areas. Always ride or skate under control.
  • Slower traffic has the right-of-way - All users yield to slower traffic. Bicycles and skaters yield to pedestrians.
  • Control your dog on the pathways - Lake Oswego has a leash law and a "pooper scooper" law. Always use a leash and, if necessary, hold your dog when approaching or passing other users.
  • Keep right except to pass - Always stay to the right of the pathway to allow others to pass safely on your left.
  • Yield when entering or crossing pathways and roads - Always yield to traffic in roadways or when entering the pathway from trailheads or spurs. Don't count on others stopping for you.
  • Keep the pathways clean - Don't litter; pack your trash.
  • Bikers and skaters use voice or bell when passing - People don't always hear you coming, so please say "on your left," when approaching from behind.

Safety Tips

  • Bikers and skaters should yield to pedestrians
  • Ride or skate single file when passing
  • Wear a helmet for protection
  • Use lights at night
  • Watch for other pathway users
  • Wear bright clothing with reflectivity
  • Wear or carry lighting
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